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    Brainstorming for BotR

    Instead of Power-return, new idea for our legendary skill 'Bow of the Righteous':

    Make it a buff for each our damage-types. If a hunter with this legendary trait crits or devestates on a mob, the mob gets a debuff to resistance of the damagetype used. If light or fire-oil are used with the legendary trait the debuff agains fire and light gets applied in addition to the usual fire-bleed or the miss-chance. This way, a hunter is more appealing to groups/raids if they use this trait.
    Another idea, to improve this would be, that if the debuff is applied to a mob, and a character of the same group crits while the debuff is applied, another debuff of the same type, but maybe even higher is applied. This way, the debuff for a solo playing hunter must not be that high being OP but still being useful, yet is tremendously increased during group play.

    Pros: People are going to ask about the weaknesses of a mobs/bosses again.
    Cons: A bit difficult nowadays to change damagetype of a bow for a special encounter, or even during fight agains several different mob-types.

    PS: English is not my first language, the style might sound a little bit off.

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    I like the first Idea, would actually make damage types something to think about and make oils and oil washes worth keeping around so depending on your group makeup you could switch damage type between default-fire-light.

    so BotR would apply something like a +5% inc [damage type] damage.

    love it.

    +rep and

    -March is Month of the Hunter Ideas!

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    I love the idea. Some mechanic like this should have been added long ago.


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    i like the idea of a debuff, but the damage type thing seems a bit too much of a pita...instead, how about a physical mit or incoming crit debuff instead. maybe even tie it into stances like hunter's art; for prec stance have it debuff crit defense, for str have it debuff phy mit and for trapper, have it debuff resist rating.

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    Not sure how this would fly with Cappy light damage buffs. It could make light damage more useful and it's current state.

    On the other hand I think a "buff upon crit/dev" is a good direction for this legendary. Currently most well geared hunters crit ~22-30% of the time and exploiting this would be beneficial. Possibly a 'bypass % armor upon crit' or a stackable (with bow chants) mitigations debuff. Say we crit the first time and it's -2% mits, then crit again -4% up to maybe 15-20%. Of course this debuff is time limited. The more we crit in a given time the higher % debuff of mits or even incoming damage. This would also encourage the stacking of fate to crit cap. If we are unlucky and no crits, the the debuff drops and we start over stacking again.

    The other hand would be a HoT buff. A small return on morale would help our survivability drastically. A crit/dev gated such as agile rejoiners parry gated mechanism would be great. Think about each well geared hunter might crit/dev about 15-20 times in 60 seconds (haven't parsed in a while, not sure of exact numbers). If each crit returned 60 morale, and each dev returned 100 morale we would have a return of 900-1500 morale each minute. This isn't a lot and I think that's why it can work. If this got very generous, which it's a LEGENDARY skill it should, could stack 2x and return a bit more morale. This could be spaced out with ticks of morale regen again similar to agile rejoiner. We could tweak the numbers of course but this could help.
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