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    How to feel really powerful...

    Has anyone else been running the 3 Erebor raids solo? I've been hearing people groan about them, but I figured out thanks to a dev diary, if you put it at level 20, even a Hunter can solo them. Yes, you don't get as good of drops, but the stuff can sell and you finish that quest for Gandalf... Is this weird?

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    I found out the same by fiddling with the Instance Finder.

    But yes, if you're looking for a quick fix to grind the missions off, that's one of the easiest ways to pull it off. It won't be much of a challenge, but it will work.

    Fortunately, if you ever want to give it another run and up the difficulty, it is always an option.

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    Not with those particular instances, because I haven't bought them yet, but I run instances solo at the lowest possible level all the time just to complete them/finish up slayer deeds/learn the layout for later runs at higher levels. There are a few this doesn't work on, such as the Nala-Dum instance where you've got to have at least two people to proceed past a certain point because the gate is too far from the lever that opens it.

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    It's a good way to practice the instances. Our kin has run them at lower levels so everyone would have an idea of what is going on without it being too hectic. Much easier to deal with some of the issues and prepare them for hard to explain things when it running it 30+ levels below you.



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