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    Reading the silmarillion again...noticed a few things

    I started reading the silmarillion again and I'm finding it 100x more enjoyable now that I have learned most of the background to the stories. A few things I've noticed so far that I have not seen discussed/wondering about.

    In "Aule and Yavanna" it says the following "when the children awake then the thought of yavanna will awake also, and it will summon spirits from afar and they will go among the kelvar and the olvar" (tolkien 53).

    The discussion was about the ents I believe and protecting the plants. If the Ents were "spirits from afar" does that mean they are part of the order of Ainur in a way? Or is this another kind of spirit?

    In "The coming of Elves and Captivity of Melkor" it says "and in that time Melkor bred many other monsters of divers shapes and kinds that long troubled the world" (tolkien 55).

    What does it mean by "divers shapes". I'm only familiar with it meaning something that dives? Could this be referring to the Watch in the Water or am I missing the point completely.

    Thanks...I'm sure I'll post some more as I continue to read.
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    Tolkien was using it in the sense of the word diverse, so diverse shapes.

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    Fain had a good answer.

    1. several; various; sundry: divers articles.

    It might also be used a pronoun. (don’t quote me on this, as I may be grammatically incorrect with how Tolkien phrased it)

    2. ( used with a plural verb ) an indefinite number more than one: He chose divers of them, who were asked to accompany him.
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    Pretty sure he was using it in the archaic sense of 'many'.



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