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    March is Month of the Hunter Ideas

    Month of the Hunter Ideas
    Make threads about your Idea to fix particular skills/traits

    PLEASE AVOID making "Grand fix" threads. I made this mistake once, and It will only end up being picked apart by trolls who will find flaws in your grand design and rubber stamp it all as rubbish.
    The bigger your "class fix", the weaker it is and the less likely it will actually get anywhere and less likely to garner support.

    PLEASE DO make threads relating to an idea on a specific skill or trait.

    PLEASE /sign or /not signed people's Idea threads so that support levels for ideas are visible.
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    Make the "Trapper of Foes" trait-line something we want to use. I loved the concept, but the actual thing is rubbish.

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    The hunter can still do a lot of ranged dps but once in melee well life sucks in pvmp. It seems like there is no point to some of the skills that sound so good for heals or a high damage hit out there.

    Think really hard about those changes to agility. I've spent a LOT of time and effort to max that stat and making fate more important on what seems a whim is really irritating. I don't mind adding to or modifying a build but completely redoing one really is annoying.

    Right now my big complaint is a class modeled after Legolas seems work more like the stupid bow hunter who got attacked by a randy buck in the moors. Pve I can't complain about the class but at this point I spend a lot of time in the moors and well there just isn't a point to a solo hunter out there anymore.

    kinda of a goofy one but make the title "Backshooter" available for shooting fleeing mobs....LOL
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    I like the initiative, but honestly, why bother?

    It is not like they will all the sudden listen to the concerns. They clearly not only believe that the hunter is in a good place, but even a tad OP - if we go by all the nerfs coming in U10.

    Basically every posted dps parse logs out there show the hunter in 3rd to 5th place on the dps list and being a one-trick-pony, there is little to no reason to bring hunters along in a raid.

    There are few on-level 3-mans that will work with a hunter.
    6-man essentially only when no one else wants to fill the sixth spot. And seldom even in raids.

    Yes, I am sure kins with a rotation system "has to" give a spot to the hunter now and then... but at the risk of not finishing the tough T2Cs.

    I am tired of having no secondary role, not even being close to the top of the list, tried of generating way more threat than everyone else per point of damage we do, so that we risk grabbing aggro even though we are far out-dpsed. I am tired of having no (workable) oh...dear... skill.

    I am tired of playing on my own all the time. I want to group with my kin, but always they (and pugs) are filled up with no place for a hunter. (Even though there are only 3-4 hunters in our kin).

    I wish to have fun and experience the game, but with the current state I only watch for the most part...

    The sad thing is that Turbine believe the hunters to be in a good place.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Murky_Majare View Post
    I like the initiative, but honestly, why bother?

    It is not like they will all the sudden listen to the concerns.
    everything you said was 100% spot on.


    I can't say anything other than go with it for now. You may be surprised... maybe... IDK for sure.

    if nothing happens we can point to it and say "we tried"

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    One change I would like to see is that hunters do not generate so much threat per dps point as they do now.

    In raids, and with a good / excellent tank, I find myself doing nothing but quick shots for a major part of the fight (in pr. stance) to avoid getting the aggro off the tank. We have checked, and I can be fifth on the dps list of the group (with two champs, a RK and in burg in front of me), and I still get the aggro.

    Sure, if I top the list and go all out and top the list by far I should grab it, but it is tiresome to always have to go 60-70% and auto attacks in order not to mess up the tactics.

    Another thing I would like changed is Heartseeker. Yes, it was great when Moria came out some 500 years ago, but it has been nerfed and nerfed since then. People still tend to believe that it is so great, but it really is not. I do more damage doing 2-3 quick shots instead and even my HS crits seldom go over 4000. It is simply too little for the apparent big-hit of us.

    I tried PvP on bullroarer during this and the previous beta. Had a fully traited and geared hunter (no audacity) and I only did some 200-400 damage against the creeps, while they did some 3000-4000 back. I died in less than 3 seconds of meeting a creep. After this happened 10-12 times in a row, I gave up. I do not PvP much (and my taste for it is even less now), but something really needs to be done about this.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Murky_Majare View Post
    One change I would like to see is that hunters do not generate so much threat per dps point as they do now.
    this 1000X

    we should be able to do top DPS without fear of being kicked by the boss or being kicked from the group for drawing aggro.

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    Give us a proper heal is first, since the only heal we have now is agile rejoiner (since i dont see press onward becoming instant and scaling by lvl any time soon) and it sucks. my lvl 20 champ heals more then what my lvl 60 hunter heal. Right now heartseeker is just a waste of a time, dmg isnt that good and CD/Inductions are wayyyyyyy too high, try and compare it to Epic conclusion, heartseeker loose in almust every category.
    Agile rejoiner - scaled by lvl and great increase in heal, pulse go every 2 seconds for 20 seconds.
    Heart seeker - Base cooldown of 1.5min, 45 seconds if traited 4 red, base induction 2 sec, dmg increase in 15-30% not really sure, 5% dmg is added for every use of barbed arrow (stacks up to 20%).
    Another change to heartseeker would be instead of 4 red reducing its cooldown, shot through the heart would reduce its cooldown to 45 seconds and will add the dmg with the uses of barbed arrow.
    these are what i feel lacking in the hunter class, other then that there is trapper of foes to be fixed and threat.

    Even after all of this, i dont see any change coming to the hunter class, turbine is just telling us what we want to hear. i wont belive a single word untill a dev will come here and post actuall stats. untill then, hunter is broken.

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    Man I love suggestions threads - they bring out creeps trolls in droves, so before they start:

    In no particular order :-

    1. CoTH - 10 sec slow (not stun) immunity - slows are the killer in PVMP.

    2. HS - remove X, boost damage, reduce CD - yes I want the lot.

    3. BH - useable on the move.

    4. IC - useable on the move.

    5. PO - insta cast - on the move.

    6. BN - reduce CD a bit.

    7. Merge the criit multi legs and boost them to 50% a la chimps.

    1-5 - Thats the moors fixed at last - we would be balanced - like BAs/Spiders etc.

    6&7 - Threat dump CD lowered and DPS boost.

    If we got this lot - creeps tears would flood the forums

    p.s. - Hey why not toss us a ranged knockdown as well - do BA arrows have a boxing glove on the end

    No need to spam track - it's in a tin in the cupboard.

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    Revamp ToF into a camo related trait-line.



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