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    Looking for a role player partner on withywindle :D

    Hello! I love to role play. Unfortunently, on the world withywindle there arent many role players. However, id be happy to find a player that role plays many times on this world. Here´s some info about my main role play character:
    Name: Glathlirel.
    Race: Elf/high elf.
    Class: Champion.
    Favourite activities: battle in Angmar, Evendim and north downs. I also love to explore new places, such as hidden ruins.
    Main zones I role play: Angmar/Ered luin.
    Kin: none.
    IMPORTANT NOTE: At this moment im lvl 49, but I wont get past lvl 51.
    I accept any class/race to role play with me. I always use the say chat when im role playing with somebody else.
    So if you would like to team with me, contact my character! It will be very fun
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    I would love to roleplay with you, I used to roleplay on social network sites. I am on the same server and was actualy thinking of going for a transfer because of the lack of roleplaying on this server. However the price for the transfer is a little bit absurd in my opinion so that kept me here.
    I am unfortunatly only lvl 39 almost 40, if this is a problem for you I totaly understand and I'll just look for someone else. I tried contacting you in game but you are offline.

    Name: Aragthir
    Class: Hunter
    Origin: Mirkwood
    I also have written a biography for my character you can read it in game if you like, ofcourse I can edit it to put your character in his story.

    Hope to hear from you.

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    Thats great! I will love to role play with you! ill mail you/contact you soon! see you in the game


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    USA west coast
    I'd be glad to join up with you as well. I started on Withywindle but moved to Laurelin and Imladris pretty quick. I still have my first ever character on Withywindle though. Languishing away...

    Send me a message if you like.



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