I've been having a recurring bug that took a while to figure out where when I log into a char and within a few seconds of being in the game world, the game loses focus and the graphics system stops responding, forcing me to kill the game and restart. I seem to be able to recreate the problem by switching characters too fast on the selection screens. If I switch before the currently selected character has fully drawn with the correct background, then it's nearly guaranteed to happen. If I wait till everything is drawn correctly before switching chars, then everything is fine when I log in with a character. Doesn't seem to matter how many times I switch chars, just if at any time I switch too fast.

This all started a few patches ago, maybe sometime last October/November time frame. Before that I never had an issue and I've been playing for a few years now. I'm using the current NVidia drivers, but I've used one or two other versions since this started and no change.

System specs are:

I7 2.6Ghz
Nvidia 285 GTX 1MB graphics card, Driver 310.70
6GB Ram
Windows 7 64 Bit