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    Attention defiler dev ==> About nerfing flies...

    With all the complains freeps side about the flies power drain being AoE and stackable, i have a suggestion for you:

    Remove the power drain from the flies, totally. Increase the DPS output they are doing (2x would be reasonnable). Swap the power drain ability to *Constant pain* instead, with a drain level of 50 per tick, each 2 seconds and stackable twice only, with a DR of 50% on the second one. Remove the healing part of this skill totally.

    This simple change would allow the defilers to power drain a single target only and return to their group mates a decent amount of power, especialy useful in long PvE boss fight or extented PvP battles and also raise their DPS output a bit, without being OP.
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    In general I like the idea, however I have a few suggestions how to adjust it

    Constant Pain:
    Instead of removing the healing, I'd remove the damage. Because in RvR I can hardly find time to use non healing skills over a longer period of time
    Drains and restores 3/4 of the untraited LM drain, however the restore is group wide (opposed to the LM skill which only restores power to the LM himself)
    Healing as it's now
    Channel Duration adjusted as needed

    Improved Constant Pain (replaces Improved Flies):
    Drains and restores 3/4 of the traited LM drain, however the restore is group wide
    Healing as it's now
    No knockback from damage
    If channeled for 5s or longer one HoT is applied to every target (like RKs Rousing Words)
    Channel Duration adjusted as needed

    No idea what to do to them, but someone had the idea of making them a regular ranged pet, that helps with CC/debuffs/damage

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    We can't control the flies, but the freeps can if they know about aggro. At best, we can dismiss them. The flies are nerfed enough as is.
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    flies only became a problem because they stacked.

    Have you fought a full raid of defilers with flies? lol



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