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    Light bridle legacy questions as related to a hunter.

    I started to post this in the legendaries forum, but thought it was more of a class dependent question.

    I finished the epic, and got my 2nd age light bridle. I think I got a great one, but I'm a bit unsure of exactly how the legacies work. I'm not able to equip it until I'm 85, so the one I've been using has these legacies for majors:

    (I run in Red Dawn always. Are these dependent on the skills trained in your tree, and are they stance dependent?)

    Wrath critical chance: Traited and maxed
    Class skill DoT (light): Maxed
    Class skill Disengaging strikes: Traited and almost maxed, but I never use this discipline...

    My new Bridle has:

    T4 Wrath crit....
    T5 Class skill dismount chance (light)
    T4 Class skill DoT

    I would assume that the class skill DoT would raise damage on mounted skills like bleeds, but is it across all "stances"?
    Is the class skill dismount chance better than the disengaging strikes bonus? I would think so since it's not exclusive to that one skill, but is it affected by what stance you're in?

    Yes I do use a light steed

    edit for clarification:

    After looking at Warsteeds, it looks like the last skill in each tree only works if you are in that discipline....I think I wasted points in traiting disengaging strikes. :O

    Do all the other trained traits apply across disciplines?
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    Basically if the legacy has the name of a cap like Wrath crit chance(red stance) or Disengaging Strikes(yellow stance) then it only works while in that particular stance. All other legacies work in all stances.
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    I needed to do some deeper experimenting with the traits anyway, so this will be a good opportunity

    Too bad every 85 Legendary bow I've ID'd has really sucked :P

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    Hate to bump this, but it's as good a post as any to ask...

    Does the + direct damage legacy work for us? I'm holding off on spending points for extra endurance until I know if it's useful or not.



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