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    Cool New to the games and the class HUNTER

    Okay so I have been playing this game for about two days and I LOVE it. Takes a little getting used to and time does fly when in game but I have a few questions:

    1. The cute fluffy animals like Does and Hares..... what are they used for?
    2. I have made nice Staff but when I try and equip it it says I do not have that skills - how do I get that skill?

    I am a level 14 Elf Hunter in Erid Luin and I gues I am about half way up the map in regards to quests - just got the one to take me to Bree.....

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    Welcome to the game!

    The cute little animals are just cute little animals in your present area. And for the staff - the only class that can equip the staff is the lore-master. Hunters can use bows and swords, knives and spears.

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    I am assuming you have the Woodsman Profession .. Woodworker, Forrester and Farmer

    The Weapons a Woodworker makes are in 2 classes

    Melee : Clubs, Hammers, Staff and Spear


    Ranged : Bows, Crossbows and Javelins

    When crafting a weapon you need Ingredients

    Melee weapons require a Shaft
    Ranged Weapons require a Stave
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    Thank you

    Well that explains a lot then.......

    Last question..... when in a fight I lost a skill? It was the one Quick Shot I think that slowed the enemy down...... can I get it back as I loved that skill?

    This game is so addictive.....

    Thanks again.

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    Pull up your character and then go to the skills tab, then drag the icon down to your bar. You can lock the bar by going into options and I think its under UI.



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