I'd like to relate a story that happened to me not to awful long ago. I was in a raid out in the moors when it happened. I had my usual dots peppering my body and knew it wouldnt be long I'd be at the rez. When all of a sudden I saw a great flash of light,but it wasnt Mythic. The next thing I knew my life flashed before my eyes and I appeared in Hell itself.Standing before me was the Devil himself. He had his back to me and he appeared almost as if he were worshipping a painting hung on the wall. I quickly glanced about the room taking in every detail searching for an exit. Finding a long corridor I rushed along as fast as I could. I again saw a bright flash of light and in the rez I appeared. The raid had questioned me as to what had happened. I related my tale to them and thats when they asked me. What was it Satan had been gazing upon so intently? And I could only utter the words,a painting of Wargfoot. You can believe me or not but I know what I saw.