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    Sigh, A little depressed

    Well not sure exactly how to go about this, been a long time lurker first time poster. Might as well cover the basics, Hi my name is Turduckin rank 8 weaver. I have been wandering around firefoot for a while now, took some time off but have recently come back to play a bit more. I know this topic has been beat to death but it was the first time i saw it actually happening and it made me sad. I was in grams this morning pondering my next move when i saw a large train of reavers running up the hill towards Dar Gazarg. Hmm interesting i though. So i followed, they made it about half way up the trail and then jumped off to be greeted by a warden named Thorvion. Hurray i though, a freep to kill and i jumped down after them, and proceed to attack the warden until i was blue in the face, i could not make a dent with all the leach lives he had going on his train of reavers. so i waited until he had killed the last of the 7 reavers and started attacking again. Im not very familiar with freep skills so im assuming he mapped or somehow used a stealth skill while in combat cause he up and vanished like a fart in the wind. so i waited a while and low and behold the train of reavers came back as well as Thorvion and the process repeated its self, same results. Now if he had turned and fought me then won, i have no issue with, that's pvp, but that fact that he was just farming over and over again then running some how made me really sad. Part was the farming, part was the fact that i literally could do nothing to stop it.I know that this is a game and people can play it how ever they like but how is that fun?? Well sorry for the wall of text but i felt it necessary to bring it up. I know turbine is not going to stop farming anytime soon but im at least going to call out the ones that are abusing it. So i start with Thorvion the farming warden, you make me sad
    Turduckin out

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    Please edit your post....while most of us appreciate you calling this out......its a no no to use a farmers name. You will get in more trouble than this loser.
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    Wow, really? You can get in trouble for naming someone in a post? Is that specific to moors farming or to any sort of negative report in general? (Libel/slandering etc) I've seen people called out in glff for the same kind of thing, and wonder if that would be a breech of Terms of Service as well.

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    and again today...

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    Quote Originally Posted by Thonalan View Post
    and again today...
    You must have missed today when Thor and Daith came into creep OOC. Daith was defending his buddy, but the really fun part was when he said that if you didn't have the 5 year anniversary frame, then you could not have been active during SoA. I pointed out to him that I had joined in July of 2008 and that I only had the 3 year frame, yet I played for 5 months before MoM came out. His response was that there was no way I could have played during SoA. After several creeps told him how dumb he was, he then claimed to be trolling everyone (probably to hide his stupidity).
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    Has that r15 Loremaster Sno xferred yet? Another farmer there, made 600k in one day. Rofl, gg guys.



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