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    New Creep Class coming?

    Quote Originally Posted by Sapience View Post
    Q29 Tirian_Hammerfist - Any plans to introduce a new creep class, simply for the sake of keeping things fresh? #LOTRO
    A29 Jinjaah - We have had conversations about adding some new creep classes. #LOTRO

    BQ2 Nubcat - A few creep players (especially us girls) were saying how cool it would be to play a female creep (Angmarim, perhaps). What is the chances of that, or any new creep class, being introduced to the game?
    BA2 Jinjaah - I think having a new creep class be female is a great idea.
    Opinions? I, for my part, would like to see an Angmarim Sorceress

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    It would be something new thats for sure, me personaly would love to see any new class creep or freep but it has gone pretty stail on the creep side of late IMO of course so yeah this I think would be a great ideal
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    Quote Originally Posted by Chris91 View Post
    Opinions? I, for my part, would like to see an Angmarim Sorceress
    Support plox.
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    Quote Originally Posted by BirdofHermes View Post
    Support plox.
    ^ What he said.

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    Quote Originally Posted by BirdofHermes View Post
    Support plox.
    Just looked at your original post. You did a great job on that post. Can we revive it?

    Now that the devs finally are open to the idea...

    But I hope they make it a female sorcerer.

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    Amarthiel was super hot, model after her please.
    What is it? What do you smell?

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    inb4 Merrevail & Angmarim

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    Yeah Amarthiel was hot...but how about Sara Oakheart?!?!

    would be pretty hilarious looking...imagine making a full raid for giggles

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    Just like the new pvmp map right ? Will never happen im afraid.
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    Quote Originally Posted by SozuRogberry View Post
    Amarthiel was super hot, model after her please.
    Mistress of Dar Nagubad.

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    Ooh, they answered one of my questions

    The answer isn't exactly revealing, but BirdofHermes' Morgul Sorcerer/ess is still the best idea for a new creep class that I've seen, and we should continue to support that idea - whether this is SOONTM, SoonTM or even 'not on the road map' (see Sapience's guide on the meanings of soon), its heartening to know that they've had discussions about it - if I had a realistic preference for time on introduction, I'd say somewhere between this coming expansion of the rest of Rohan in Autumn, and the one which I guess would happen at the same time next year (though of course these are rather tenuous projections) - any sooner than that and I think the class would not be properly tested and balanced, but anything longer than that timescale is too far in the future for me to actually be excited about
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