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    Unhappy Level 30 Guardian, No Bow Proficiency.

    Well as the title suggests, I'm a level 30 Guardian (Race: Man) but I've still not got bow/ranged proficiency.
    I have purchased a ranged skill (Let It Fly?) from a Guardian Trainer, but when I go to equip my bow it comes up with

    "You are not proficient with that item".

    If anybody has any ideas, or knows how I can solve this issue, you will have my utmost thanks.

    Regards, Nathan.

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    Did you check your trainer and see if he had any Passive skills for you to purchase?

    EDIT: I see that you bought the Active skill Let It Fly, but you need the Passive proficiency to be able to use the bow in the first place. (Also, if you haven't checked before, you'll be able to pick up more weapon skills, including two-handers...)
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    Oh wow I am so stupid! I hadn't even thought to check.

    Thank you ever so much!



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