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    I am equipping that trait right now.
    But at U10, this trait will be legendarily ridiculous and useless.
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    Feels like this trait will soon just be completely phased out. I wonder if they are going to reduce the number of legendary traits completely or swap them out.
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    Oh good!! Another trait that does virtually nothing.

    *goes back to playing skyrim*
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    I've been gone from here for a while, but man did I have to come back for THIS train wreck...like, a freight train hauling eight tanks of flammable liquid just collided with another freight train that was hauling eight tanks of toxic waste. That's the kind of train wreck this is.

    Nerfing Bow of the Righteous?

    I at least thought Turbine had more moxie then to nerf an almost useless skill into complete uselessness. I fully expected a useful skill to get axed.

    Regardless, this really is a huge slap in the face...

    Okay, 2 slaps...

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