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    LM books and crystals

    Hi guys

    Was wondering how much of an advantage; or rather how exactly do the riddermark crystals affect our LI books? (Aside from improving stat legacies).

    Picked one up today and wondering if to save it or use it...
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    Crystals essentially raise the virtual level of the LI by one. If your LI is an 85, it'll raise the virtual level to 86 (2 will bring it to 87, 3 to 88). This means any legacy that improves with level (ratings, passives, and stat legacies) will increase.<br><br>Probably not worth it for a DPS book. Maybe worth it for a support book (depends how much you heal). Probably worth it for a DPS staff.
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    It would change the Tactical Healing Rating and all of the legacies which have a rating that changes depending on the age/level of the book. For instance the -Resistance Ratings would be increased, If you mostly use legacies based on precents, like fire skills damage, or critical Magnitude increase, those would not change. I would agree that if you are mostly using this book for Damage, then don't waste crystals on it. If your using it for off-healing and debuffing, I would recommend using some crystals on it.
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    @ Vulcan583, good to know. Thank you.

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