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Thread: NA/EU Servers?

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    NA/EU Servers?

    Are there any official or unofficial North American or European Servers?
    I'm currently living in Central Europe and playing on Elendilmir right now. /Servertime is currently 10:57AM but where I live is 16:57 and it's kind of empty here. I used to play on Snowbourne back in 2008 and I think that's where the most Europeans were, but I'm not sure anymore. Can someone redirect me to a 'EU' Server before I spend more time on my character on this server?

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    Evernight is EU, but it also has a large population of NA players in my experience. the busiest time of day is around 8 o'clock CET.

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    I am from Europe but I play on a US server. Sometimes difficult to find people for full raids though.

    You can find a list of the different locations of the servers here:


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    The physical location of all EU and NA servers is the same datacenter in the Boston area of the USA.
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    Snowbourn is still a nice high population, with plenty of european players.
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