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    Cool New to Arkenstone!

    Alrighty then, let's get down to the diddly.
    I'm Tyler, I'm new to Arkenstone and there's only so much lonely questing and crafting I can deal with.
    So who's who? Introduce yourself and all that business.
    I'm interested in making friends here, getting help and helping people out.

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    63 reads and no reply...

    Well, first welcome to the server.

    A lot of people on this server do not check the forums, mainly pvpers killing time on the pvp forum/trash talking or kin officers trying to recruit people.

    So you might be better off looking for groups and stuff in game. Join kins here and there and see who you like and who to put on ignore.

    Look under kinship section and see if any interests you.

    And I guess leveling a little bit will help. I don't see many low level stuff being run as of lately, so try looking for a leveling partner or something to kill time.

    Hope it helps.

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    I think the key for you will be to find an active kin who is willing to help out. As stated before finding someone who is around your level to go through content together would also be a big plus.

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    Welcome to Arkenstone!

    Like Fulred stated, the kinships sub-forum is a good place to place to take a look at what kinships are around, and what they are all about. Even if you arn't necessarily looking to join a new kin, it might give you an opportunity to make some contacts. There are many kins that are more than willing to include non-kin members in their activities. This forum is where I originally found out about my kin.
    The Haruchai and The Elohim
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    Welcome to Arkenstone!
    Adaaon (Minstrel)
    The Noldor of Arkenstone -

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    Welcome to the server, good sir.

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    Welcome new Stoner!

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    Welcome to Arkenstone! I am the leader of Lords of a Fallen Empire, AKA LOAFE, we are a friendly casual raiding kinship; if you are looking to run some group stuff, we might be able to help you out. You can msg me in game on Cura.

    Take care!



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