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    Pose the Question to the Devs


    Pose your Question to the devs in the thread linked above.

    mine was "When will you fix the Hunter class?"

    whats yours?
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    Whats mine?

    How will we be able to take anything Kelsan says at face value?

    He's doing the classes (or whatever the title is), sorry but often what kelsan says and what happens are two different things. If you believe him, youre a fool.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Lendas View Post

    mine was "When will you fix the Hunter class?"
    If you had looked at the transcript of the recent Twitter chat, you would have seen that question had already been answered.
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    I will not waste my chance of getting a question answered by asking anything related to the Hunter class.

    This ship has long sailed. I'm enjoying every class the game has to offer, and I suggest every hunter rolls at least one other class if he/she is a Tolkien fan and wants to stay in this Middle Earth.

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    If I remember correctly 2 questions relating to the hunter class were answered. I don't think the devs will answer more, but then again this time around the class revamp dev is supposed to be there. Wouldn't hurt to ask that question. I hope they don't answer fluff questions like they did last time.

    Sigh I ought to make my minstrel my main, they're in a much better place than hunters are.

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    My question(s) is:

    Are you guys going to fix the induction continuation on mobs that are already dead? An induction should immediately cancel if the target is dead. Otherwise it wastes our time finishing the induction only to see it repeated when it goes again after switching targets when we press the skill more than once. Are there any plans to fix this?

    Making crafted traps into skills. Triple Traps, Triple Snares, etc. Any plan to do this? I think it would be GREAT!

    Any plans to fix our Armour? We don't feel like a Medium Armour class right now. Play and see for yourself.
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