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Thread: A new start

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    A new start

    I'm not that new to the game but have not played in a while. I just got ROR and found my old guild has disappeared. So, I want to give Ark a try. My first question is which class is there most difficulty in finding for group content? What is lacking here? I want to try something new, so I am up for suggestions. So, what do you guys see as the server needs.

    I understand the therapeutic response of "play what you like" . I have tried them all. I like them all. But, what I really like to be is helpful.

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    Hi there!

    I'm a big advocate of the "play what you like" notion, but in your case specifically... I'd suggest seeking out a kinship first and starting from there. What do they need? What are they looking for? Every group is different in what they're looking for class-wise.

    In my personal experience playing on this server and raiding, one of the things our group almost always seems to either be lacking or limited on options with are minstrels. A very very close second would probably be lore-masters, with burglar around the others as well.

    A question I'd have for you is what are you looking to do with this game? Are you a raider? Casual group player? Wanting to focus on end game content? Or looking for people to level up to cap with?

    -begin shameless plug- If you're interested in the raiding and looking toward the end game aspect that LotRO has, I'd like to offer you a place to try out in KAOS. We're a friendly, albeit crazy, bunch of folks that focus more on raiding (from old content such as Rift all the way up to the new raids on the way with U10) and deeding (yes, deeding... horrible as that word is ). We have a diverse member base that have different tastes they bring to the group (such as crafting, housing, PvMP, etc) in addition to our collective interest in raiding. If this catches your attention at all, feel free to shoot me a PM here on the site or /tell Aktaie in game
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