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    Capped Outgoing Healing Rating?

    Has the capped outgoing healing rating increased? My understanding was that it was 50% but read on wiki that the rating might have increase to possibly 60% or even higher with update 9.1, http://lotro-wiki.com/index.php/Outgoing_Healing_Rating. Also I have notice that when on my warsteed my outgoing rating % does exceed 50%, something like 51.5%. Or has there been a cap increase when on warsteed vs. unmounted?

    Any current info. would be great.

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    My captain sits above 50% when unmounted. A mini I know got to between 64% and 65% outgoing healing using Moors OP buffs. Seen quite a few get a % or two below 60% outside of the Moors too. Cap is definitely above 50%.
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    Yes, the cap was increased with RoR. It was in the patch notes.
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    While the cap has been increased, no one knows for certain what that cap is right now - the RoR patch notes didn't give a number, unlike the RoI patch notes, which increased it to 50%. People have reported incredibly high percentages in the Moors (68% is the highest I've heard), but no one I know has gotten that high in the regular areas, or even broken 60% there. I do know personally several people who are in the high 50's, though. Also... *cough* I'm actually the person who updated that wiki page - it previously said the cap was still 30%, which was oooooold info.

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    Yeah, it seems if there is a cap then it is high enough you are not going to reach it (in PvE at least).

    I'm hitting about 55% buffed. I could push it higher but decided to focus a bit more on crit to increase healing as returns were much better. This seems to have been a good plan given the update 10 changes to the crit system.

    I think crit is going to be really important after the update for our best healing. We're seeing the increase from crit magnitude scaling without the decrease from the crit defence changes. combine that with a 45% crit chance -- 25% from rating, 10% from trait, 10% from armour set (assuming the last set bonuses I saw were right), and we should see a nice increase in our output.
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    No idea what the cap is, but I do know that with the current diminishing returns to Outgoing Healing and over-healing, it is highly suboptimal to try to hit it.
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    I tested it yesterday in the moors and found the cap to be at 70 percent. I got pretty much exactly to 70 percent by myself so i invited a Captain to be absolutely sure that it's capped.

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    Terrific - thanks for testing that! I went ahead and updated the wiki page with the info.

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    Wow, thank you, kudos to you Tawari0n. I'm sure I wasn't the only one who was wondering this and you have answered this question, without a doubt, to so many.



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