The Imladris server's all fun, no drama, family-friendly kinship is now 1 year old and Rank 10!

Our kinship was founded a year ago to create a social environment in the game for people with mature attitudes who want to play LOTRO and make friends on the way. We have deliberately grown at a measured pace, so that nobody ends up as just a "nobody" in a huge sea of anonymous players. Our kin is best described as:

Active & social - we're online a lot! We have probably 12-15 players who play 5-7 nights per week, plus roughly that many more who are a little less frequent. Many times people solo and use kin chat for fun, sometimes people just quest alone for an evening and don't chat, and still other times we group up for questing, skirmishes, instances (including end-game), and kin events.

Casual - while we play a lot and do a lot together, no one is required to meet playtime thresholds or participate in activities. Real life matters, and we're cool with that.

Family-friendly - "adult" material can be found anywhere on the internet and we don't think LOTRO needs to be one of those places, so we always keep kin chat clean. We also do not do drama, period. We have younger and older players alike (ranging from teenagers to middle-agers!), but we're a mature group that respects others and has fun gaming together.

We have a beautiful elven kin house, a kin web site, an alliance with another great kin on our server (Sect Anor), and a Ventrilo server for when we group up.

If you think we're a good fit for you, and you for us, then shoot me a PM on these forums, or message/mail an officer in the game:

Morragwen / Nymwae
Davco / Brungor
Sorrenbor / Xorthelion
Brevothin / Thimelor

We'll save you a slice of the kin's birthday cake!