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    Bought Turbine coins but cannot use them now

    I recently bought two $20 turbine point cards at Wal-Mart (1600 each).
    I scratched off the numbers on the back and went to enter them in the online store but it says it's invalid or something.

    My assumption is the bone head at the register did something the wrong way and the card isn't activated yet, so I guess my question is how do I get my points that I paid for now?

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    Not 100% certain, but I think those codes are entered through your account page, and not directly through the store.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Talen_Gustaf View Post
    Not 100% certain, but I think those codes are entered through your account page, and not directly through the store.
    Yeah that's where I went and tried.
    I logged into my account via the lotor client, once inside I have tried 2 ways:
    1: Once at the character scree, I go to upgrade slot (add another player slot so I have 3 and not 2 <---on free to play) then to the redeem code part
    2: I pick the character I want to play, let it log into the game, then go to the store, and to the redeem code part.

    Once at the "redeem code" screen, I enter the 25 digit number from the back of each card, and that's where I get the red letters above error, about the code is invalid and to enter a 25 digit code.

    My guess is the store and/or my accounts is still messed up some how, and not in full affect.

    I left a ticket for Turbine so I will hopefully get an email about the situation, and if not I have 2 numbers to call so I can do it voice.

    I also posted here in hopes that some one here, preferably someone from turbine that maybe I could talk to, (in a private message", and get them to redeem the code for meand post to my account.

  4. From the known issue thread

    Known Issues: Billing/MyAccount Maintenance, 2/14/13

    Turbine Point codes must be applied through myaccount.turbine.com, rather than through the LOTRO Store in-game. To add a Turbine Point code, log in using your account credentials at myaccount.turbine.com, enter the code into the Product Key section of the page, and click "Submit". Follow the instructions.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Unique View Post
    From the known issue thread
    Very cool, thanks and good find.
    Sometimes I just am not good at searches and such, so I appreciate your efforts in your searching and posting here.

    I did submit the cards, and it said both times it would give 1600 points. I logged in though and the points are not there to spend, so I am assuming that it will take time for them to post? that would be my guess. I'll wait and see.

    Sure hope this was all for not and I lost the points and the $40.

    Again thanks for all the help.
    I know people say and hear that a lot but I am one who really does appreciate peoples hard work and help.

    I messed up.
    I logged in as my forum name instead of my lotor game login name so guess where the points went .
    That explains why the points aren't on my character.

    Guess I'm gonna HAVE to call tech support now and have them transfer the points over LOL.

    I feel so stupid now

    Last Edit:
    Situation resolved and taken care of. Points are transferred.
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    Another reason why I use the same name on forum and game login
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