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Thread: Distraction

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    I have noticed distraction having NO EFFECT on mobs recently. The skill lands, and where it usually prevented aggro when attacking nearby, now it is like there is no de-buff on them at all.

    The ones I noticed did happen to be in instances (Epic VI book 14/15). Minstrel is level 52.

    Has anyone else noticed a change in this skill?

    I also seemed to notice the nearby aggro to be greater distances too, or that groups of mobs seemed linked, e.g. three Orcs by a campfire: distract one, attack, they all come anyway.
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    Song of Distraction still works fine for me. However, particularly in instances, there are linked mobs that will come together even if they are distracted and look to be far apart. It also doesn't work if the mobs are very close together. It is also resisted a lot, so make sure the mobs actually received the debuff before you pull them.

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    I use it all the time for the hytbold crafting instance bosses & theri two grouped pets. Works wonders.
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    I used to love SoD but lately it kind of sucks. The other night I used it on a group of mobs. The result? No debuff icon. No resist message. Nothing. Probably a one-in-a-million thing but that elicited a loud sigh from me.
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