Hello fellow Vilya players,

I am a returning player to LotRO after taking a break for about a year. I had decided to venture off to other games like Rift, Aion and the infamous World of Warcraft (yes, I know... I apologize up front :P) and give Middle Earth a break after playing for about 3 years straight. With Isengard and Rohan now live, I recently decided that LotRO had enough new content to draw me back in to experience the new areas, and after renewing my VIP account, I remember how much I love this game.

The only problem... I am all alone and kinshipless as it appears that my former kinship has disbanned during my time away. So here I am, looking for a new family to join with in my travels throughout Middle Earth. I am usually on most evenings and weekends, but LotRO can be quite lonely when your kinshipless, so here I am looking for a new group to join with once again.

I have several players in Vilya and am having a tough time deciding on which character to play as my main. Most of my characters are pre-isengard (65 LM, 65 Burg, 65 Champ, 65 Guard) that all need a lot of work to get caught back up, but have been playing my Hunter (lvl 75) and my Mini (lvl 71) since my return. All that's missing is a good group to spend my time with in-game.

So if your kinship is recruiting and looking for a new friendly face, please respond to this posting or look me up in-game. You can find me on my Hunter (Kayti) or my Mini (Asuraa). I look forward to meeting some new friends soon! Happy Hunting!