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    Can't log my "main" (subscribed) account to my.lotro.com or the forums


    I made this new free account out of desperation, since I already made two customer support tickets about that issue (one in December, and one the 7 February 2013) and got no answer at all yet. Nothing.

    I have 3 LOTRO accounts, among which there is a subscribed one. I can't log any of them to the my.lotro.com community site, the error message is "Authentication Failure, please make sure you're using your game login and try again.". I'm am 100% sure I enter the right login credentials, since I can log into the game and into "myaccount.turbine.com" just fine with the same login/password combinations.

    I've tried to reset my password, I've even done the "forgot password" routine to be sure, to no avail. None of my old accounts can access the community site, only this new "free" account. I also tried to clear my cookies, and to use another navigator.

    Could someone from community management look into this? It's not so much for the forums, but I can't participate in lotteries with my "main" subscribed account either right now, which is way more annoying. I'll give details via private message if someone in charge would be so nice to contact me.

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    I think you have better odds of contacting the devs/admins when you post this issue in the account support section or technical support section (over here).

    Good luck!
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    Ah I thought those forums were restricted for free players - thanks, gonna do that

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    Try using your old password for the community site in the meantime. It might not have received the updated password.
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    If you have a long (15+ character password) Try logging in without the last character (character in password) or two. The forums and game may still take different maximum lenght passwords.



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