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    The Elf Maid Saga

    Hi Guys,

    Just thought I would post this for peeps to read.

    This was a series of RP events I ran on the old EU Laurelin Server a few years back.

    Let me know what you think.

    The event started with a band of the Rangers of the North been called together at Esteldin where a sharp witted Burgler by the name of Khellus explained that he had been sent by Elrond with a quest of upmost importance.

    It apppeared that an Elven maiden had set of from Rivendell recently with the intention of finding her sister who she had not seen since the 2nd age, and all Elrond could say was that she had seen a great evil awakening far to the north.

    Unfortunatly she was waylaid on her journey and was taken by the vile Orcs of Dol Dinen where she was to given to Mordrith, with these vague directions in mind it was only by fortune that Khellus stumbled across her location as he stumbled through there camp.

    So with there small band formed the group headed to Orc encampment where they fought to free the elf maid Angina, a task that was a success but at the cost of one of there companions, but it was only once they had fled to a small ranger camp south of Esteldin that the true magnitude of there task was laid before them.

    It was only here that the maiden revealed that her sister was indeed Glathlirel and that she was the guardian of a terror deep within the halls of a place known commonly as the Rift, with time been of the essence and lacking the knowledge of the way the elf maid again turned to her saviours.

    And so on a warm summers eve, the remaining eleven companions headed into the easten pass of Angmar on there quest to take the elf maid to safety, there journey was not to be an easy as they fought through the spiders and Orcs of Ram Duath and the Goblins of Bail Rova before they found themselves facing the uncertain terrors of Malenhad.

    It was here while fighting a giant beast of the wastes that Edelhardt the brave suffered a grevious wound to his leg and was forced to stay behind with the Dwarves of Gabilshathur, yet fate blessed the band with a new companion a stout hobbit by the name of Tillia who bore a message from Elrond for Angina Maiden of Rivendell.

    It was with this good fortune that the companions rode there fresh mounts north through the barren land of Angmar, where they finally laid there eyes upon there journeys goal, however there goal was blocked by an army of Orcs, giants, trolls and other servants of shadows.

    It was while the firends planned there next route that a band of orcs who had been tracking them since Dol Dinen made there move to steal back the maiden and only through the daring of Gamric, Frol and Canraen was the attack foiled.

    Now with a new urgency in mind the friends raced across the mountains slaying monstrous Wargs and vile Spiders untill they finally found themselves facing a large encampment of Trolls and Giants, it was here that Gamric the selfless led a gallant charge into the camp and though the fighting was fierce the enemy was slain, but at a cost.

    Many of the companions had suffered grevious wounds and so to them did Angina revealed her gifts of healing and to a man they were restored as they finally laid there eyes upon the entrance way to the Rift.

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    Part 2

    part 2

    And so the fellows retreated to the camp Iorleen, and with the aid of the Rangers there began to muster there companions, and though the call for help was heard by the rangers of the North there numbers were still few and old alliances were renewed as the elf champion Calabam and Guardian of the Halls Taklinn came to the rangers aid.

    Now with the aid that they needed, on cold summers evening the Fellowship of the Maiden headed in to the rift.

    It was inside that the fellowship truly understood the magnitude of the task before them as an army of Orcs, trolls and hill men was laid out before them, "I've seen worse" Khellus lied as he and Eogwen the nimble slipped of into the shadows and with this the fellows started there long Journey into the dark unknown of the Rift.

    It was after driving back the initial wave of the orcs that the party encounted a Giant being set upon by a large group of Orcs, anticipating a possible ally Gamric the bold led a charge which saw the life of the giant spared, a giant who introduced himself as Asmólf of the Eldgang.

    And even though he was confused by the actions of these little ones he asked them to aid him with disposing of a pair of vile beasts by the name of Barz and Zurm. Concerned by the warning from the giant Alhindir and Growlyn questioned him further and found that if they were to slay one then the other would know of there presence and would be prepared for them.

    "If we attack with haste, we could keep the advantage" farwyn mentioned from a stone she now sat on, "it would be a good course of action" Canraen agreed as they restrung there bow, "then I suggest Barz" as he is the closer Kalians exclaimed. The giant however rose suddenly towering over small band, "they are coming, quickly defeat the leaders and I will keep them at bay" "good luck" angina whispered to him as she quickly mended his wounds as the fellowship headed east to rid the rift of Burz.

    After a few quick skirmishes the fellowship found themselves stood before a great troll wielding a pair of giant hammers, "we must be quick" Farwyn cried as she charged the brute before her followed by her brave band.

    But Burz was not without his own companions as a fearsome troll and its keeper roared into the fray followed by a wave of reinforcements, it was just as the tide of battle was moving in the fellowships favour when Barz roared out "I'll grind your bones" and with a might swing began to beat his hammers about him making the vary walls of the cavern shake, so great was the onslaught that several of the fellowship fell to despite the best efforts of Loimar and Growlyn.

    So with grim determination they wove a great Ballard, the likes of which had not been heard in an age and pulled there fallen friends back from the abyss. Now with his companions slain the fellowship turned its full force against t the might of barz and he fell vanquished beneath there blades.

    But the hunt was on and they quickly headed to face the second of there foes a foe they knew would know they were coming.

    As they entered the chamber where Zurm stood he look upon them with evil eyes and laughed "What is this foolishness? None can withstand Zurm!", but with the battle with Barz still fresh in there minds they knew know what they faced and zurm quickly fell to there blows.

    Exhausted from there ordeal they returned to there giant friend who beheld them with disbelief, "you have helped us" he smiled before looking thoughtful for a moment "Maybe the old tales are true then, and the Everseer is wrong." he stopped and looked down at the small band before him, "why are you here little ones?"

    And so Angina explained there plight and of the danger that lies before them, "then it appears I can repay for your aid" as he turned and open a hidden gate behind him, "the elf maiden you seek lies deep down these tunnels, but first you can rest, my kin will keep watch over you" he said as he gestured down the now visible tunnel,” this way"

    After following a brief tunnel they found themselves in a warm camp filled with the kin of Asmólf and it was here that they made merry and rested, much to Loimar's delight.

    It was during the night that Taklinn work the band to the sound of screeching coming from a lower tunnel, "a band of the little ones from below" Asmólf explained as several of the giants moved to guard the camp as a horde of strange orcs flew into the camp "quickly, head down the tunnel and you will be able to get to the arena"

    With that the fellowship rand down the tunnel and after a brief skirmish with a large troll found themselves looking across a great cavern where a great coliseum stood illuminated in the darkness, the gates to which were guarded by a pair of fearsome drakes, and upon seeing the threat the drakes took to the sky's where they rained fire down upon the companions and though they through down there opponents the party suffered great losses again and they were forced to continue without there friend Atlindir.

    Now with the gates unbarred the fellows made there way across a river of lava, where after fighting there way inside were greeted with the sight of the Everseer talking with Asmólf and only then did they realise the true nature of the enemies within there midst’s as the lies of the Everseer made Asmólf turn on them and despite Angina's attempts to explain it was left to the fellowship to show there true nature through there actions.

    Awoken to the manipulations of the Everseer, Asmólf called the rest of his kin and explained that the elf maid that Angina was seeking made her camp not far from them and with hope in her heart of finally seeing her sister again.

    It was here that they finally laid eyes on the beauty of the elf maid Glathlírel, and so Glathlírel pun her tale of how she had fought this great evil since the fall of Thangorodrim and in turn had imprisoned him, but as Angina explained the vision in her dreams her sister grew worried before saying "Long have I here waited for Thaurlach to seek his freedom, that I may end his menace for good if he sought to escape!" she motioned over to a great door before giving one final warning "When I open this seal, the true test of your will shall begin!".

    And the great doors opened and there within stood a being of unimaginable power and evil a Balrog of Morgoth, "You have come just in time! Thaurlach is stirring. There is something amiss!" Glathlírel called out in alarm as the fellowship watched in horror as the beast before them broke free, behind us milady Taklinn cried as he flew towards the fiend with a great roar "Baruk Khazâd! Khazâd ai-mênu!” he was followed quickly by his companions and though they fought bravely they saw they were out matched an ill prepared for such a beast.

    So with a final push of desperation the fellowship drove the Balrog back, "Get them out" Gamric cried as Loimar pulled for the maidens to follow him back out of the vault, quickly the doors cried Growlyn as Calabam and Gamric rushed to shut the doors. Seeing his only route of escape being closed before him the Balrog charged towards the exit only to be knocked to his knees as Khellus and Eogwen flew from the shadows throwing the beast down as it watched helplessly as its only route of escape slammed shut before it, its seals firmly back in place.

    But there victory had been bitter sweet as the remaining fellows faced a foe of legend and in turn they were slain to a man, yet as they felt there lasts breaths leave them, they heard the voice of Angina calling to them saying "Nothing Truly Ends"...

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    Part 3

    part 3

    ...and so it was on a warm September evening that the first of the Fellowship of the Maiden awoke from there violent and troublesome Dreams.

    "Urrggh" Gamric groaned as he felt as though an unruly hobbit was kicking him in the head, "gently" a soft voice rang out, as he felt gentle hands move to help him sit up.

    It was here that Gamric laid his eyes on the Lady Angina for the second time, though there roles were greatly reversed, "it appears that it was your turn to save me" he laughed before groaning as his wounds throbbed.

    "How did I get here?" he asked "I was certain that we were to perish" at this the Lady Angina sat next to him on the bed, "It appears that the Valor have more need of you and your companions" she said softly as she adjusted her dress.

    "it seems that after the Fellowship saved me and my sister from the rage of Thaularch, my heart was broken as I heard your cries from within" her voice choked as he saw tears in her eyes and she spent a moment to regain her composure, "despite this Thaularch was not to have a victory that day, for Glorfindel had sent another band to aid in throwing down what we hoped to be the last of the Balrogs in Morgoth"

    "Who were they?" Gamric asked, "I know, they spoke little and only to my sister before throwing open the doors and striking Thaularch down finally freeing my sister from her charge" the elf maid let out a soft sigh, "I rescued all that I could but for some it was to late" she began to sob softly

    "My lady, we swore an oath to stand with you to the end an oath that will not be easily broken" Gamric said as he held the maidens hand gently "Elen síla lumenn' omentielvo" the elf maid smiled as she stood.

    "Milady, what did you say?" Gamric asked as she went to leave, she turned and smiled "I know", "and what of our rescuers", "they have gone as has my sister, if you wish to find them, my sister bestowed them with a title 'Vanquisher of Thaurlach', now get some rest" and with that she was gone.

    It was over the next few days that the remaining members of the Fellowship of the Maiden
    regained there strength and in turn were called before Lord Elrond, "it is a boon to have you returned to us Angina daughter of Fingon" he smiled gently towards her as he turned towards her remaining 6 companions that stood before him, "I thank you for heeding the maidens call and for that you have my gratitude, as a reward for your aid, your weapons have been reforged by the elf smiths of Rivendell, never again will the ancient evils of the world turn aside your blows so easily".

    His expression hardened slightly, "I do however have another task for this Fellowship of the Maiden, if you would hear it?" "If the lady wishes it we will follow" Egdarel replied softly who was greeted by a smile from the maiden.

    "Very well" Elrond continued, "it appears that something has awoken beneath the Barrowdowns of the Breelands, some guests in my house have spoken of a king of these barrow-wights and I would ask that you travel there and undo this villainy"

    "Excellent idea" laughed Gwarl as he jumped up from his seat, "its been far too long since I smashed a skull with my Axe, so what are we waiting for". "You have a stout heart master Dwarf but i would warn caution when entering the Barrows it is an evil there that does not sleep" Elrond warned, and it was with this warning that the Fellowship of the Maiden set off towards Bree.

    It was while they were resting in the Prancing Pony, that they began to realise how these events had been effecting the people of Bree, they listened to the talk of the strange folk abroad and her tales of the shadowy figures that had attacked the pony itself, "I fear that a war is coming" whispered Farwyn, "I’ve heard reports of bands of bandits and orcs scouring the country side looking for something"

    It was while the fellows were talking that Gainoin noticed a pair off ruffians gazing lustfully over at the fair Lady Angina and despite Gamric's please to not do anything rash, the dwarf had, had enough and marched over towards them, "this is going to be interesting" Khellus laughed as looked into the crowd of townsfolk making merry.

    "You wouldn’t be having inappropriate thoughts about milady know would ye" Gainoin said abruptly to the ruffian who was quite taken back by the dwarfs boldness before turning to his friend and laughing "shouldn’t you be digging under a mountain" he laughed before a 300lb dwarf leapt at him head butting him squarely in the face sending the ruffian sprawling to the floor before flying at his friend.

    the fellows just watched with bewilderment, "we cant take him any where can we" sighed Farwyn causing Gamric to laugh "at least he left his axe this time" when Egdarel suddenly asked "where’s Khellus" which caused the group to suddenly look around for there missing friend.

    Gainoin however was having a fantastic time thrashing the two ruffians as a crowd started to watch, he didn’t however notice the figure sneaking up on him from behind a dagger in hand, but he did however hear the crash and cry behind him causing him to spin round only to see Khellus stood there with a broken chair in his hand and an unconscious ruffian with knife in hand at his feet.

    "Must I watch your back all the time master dwarf" Khellus sighed, "hah" Gainoin remarked "I need to make you appear useful somehow" he said as he burst into laughter. "Go and sit down while I settle things with Barliman, he doesn’t look happy"
    "hahahahaha" he roared as he sauntered victoriously over to where his now quite embarrassed friends sat.

    "Well I think that’s enough excitement for the evening, I think we best retire as we have an uncertain day ahead of us tomorrow" Gamric finally said once things had finally quietened down, and so the Fellow rested and at the first sign of dawn they departed the safety of the town of Bree and headed into the mist filled valley of the Barrow-Downs.

    "I think we would wise to keep to the outskirts in the long grass" whispered Eogwen as she led the fellows through the fields and with this the Fellowship headed into the Barrow-Downs.

    And though there progress was slow the small band managed to sneak past the bony figures that wandered around there tombs until they finally laid there eyes upon the entrance way into Othrongroth and with a final look to each other they headed inside.

    The small had barely moved inside the mound when the very doorway itself sealed them inside and the once dead braziers burst into life, it was then they heard a great whaling echoing through the deep tunnels and following the howl came a dark voice "The warmth of life has entered my tomb, prepare yourself mortals for you face only death and darkness in here.

    So the Fellowship pressed on and the hordes of the wights with plentiful and cunning the fellows pressed on, the smashed bodies of the centuries dead lying behind them yet still more came.

    It was here that Sambrog the ruler of the mound watched the fellows from afar, "somebody worthy of facing me" he thought, the tight rotted skin on his face drew tighter as he pulled an insidious grin, "come to me then my mortal hunters" he roared, he turned and lifted a age old sand timer and placed it down running. "I give you the gift of time" he cried "If you face me and strike me down before the sands have perished then you may leave this place, if not however...hahahahaha"

    It was as he spoke these words that the very walls of the tomb began to shake and the fellows knew that they could tally no longer and there flight through the barrow was swift and the hordes of the dead fell in droves until the fellows finally laid there eyes upon the master of the barrow, Sambrog him self.

    "You truly are worthy of facing me, but know that you have no hope here" he growled, and with his words the very shadows grew thick and air grew as the Wight let forth a radiance of such dread that the fellows were driven back, and so it fell to the maiden to call once again on the power of her people as she drew forth a Shining token of Edhelharn "behold the light of the Valor creature of shadow and know that you will fall this day"

    And with the light of elves to bolster them the fellows drew forth, there courage bolstered and shadows vanquished they move to smote the fiend before them. When Sambrog roared with laughter "no mortal weapon can harm me", "Good" said Gwarl "mine was made by the elves" as he cleaved his axe into the chest of the Wight, and in turn he fell to the swift blows of the fellowship until he moved no more.

    It was then that with a great crash a wall fell free revealing the warm radiant light of the morning sun and stood within the stood a figure dressed in a blue jacket and yellow boots, and upon his head he wore an old and battered hat, surmounted by a single swan’s feather.

    "Hey dol merry dol ma harties "the figure cried as he came into view, "it seems old tom came a wandering just in time", he gestured to the fellows "come derry dol, merry dol my darling, follow Tom quickly now you'll be safer in the farthings"

    And so the fellows quickly followed old Tom as he guided them to the warm safety of his cottage where he and Goldberry listened to the tales of the Fellowship. "Well now derry dow ma harties, old tom will help your parties" Tom gestured towards the afternoon sky "a man of old and brown they say will heed the words you spoke today".

    And so the fellows rested and made merry with old Tom and Goldberry before heading east in search of the Brown man that Tom had spoke of...

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    Part 4


    It was exactly seven o’clock in the evening when the tall brooding form of Damitri walked into the Prancing Pony, his ride had been long and hard and he was happy for the opportunity to rest.

    He took a table near one of the fires and as he drank and ate his meal his thoughts drifted back to his last meeting with the lady Angina and how she had requested him to venture into the North, he recalled begging her to not have him leave her side and recalled how she had just smiled at him as she said “my dear Damitri, I send you from my sight with a heavy heart. But you are the only one that I would trust with such a task”.

    “Oww” a small voice suddenly cried out shaking Damitri from his brooding as he looked up to see a pair of hobbits arguing.

    “Watch where you’re putting those feet of yours Berilac” one of the hobbits said as he rubbed his toes. “Oh quieten down, you probably just stubbed it on the table so just drink your beer”

    Damitri found himself smiling at the fact that with all that was going on the hobbits could always find time to argue over the insignificant things and that thought made him feel a little more at ease with the task ahead of him.

    It was then that another hobbit stepped through the doors of the pony and after a quick look around headed towards Damitri’s table.

    “Good evening master Damitri” the hobbit said as he bowed respectfully, “ah master Niefel, it’s a pleasure to see you again” Damitri replied before moving closer to his friend, “and I’m guessing your been here is not a not a coincidence either” he whispered “not at all” the hobbit replied “we received your message and the others are on there way, but we a scattered thin as of this hour and it may take time for us to muster our true strength”

    Damitri sat back at this and stroked his hear through the dark goatee that grew on his chin, “we will wait till the morning and see who has come, I dare not wait any longer” he finally said “ok, as you wish” Niefel responded as he jumped up from his seat “I’m off to get some pie, want me to get you anything” he asked “no thank you my little friend” Damitri Laughed as he lit his pipe and let his thoughts drift back towards his task at hand.

    It was a few hours later when the other members of the Rangers arrived and after spending a short time to greeting each other they settled down to hear the task they had before them.

    “It seems” Damitri finally started “that after the Lady Angina banished the evil from the Barrow-downs that she was led to believe that the vile Wight Sambrog was only a mere tool of a much greater power” he said before taking a drink from his pint.

    “It seemed that the lady had met a certain Tom Bombadil within the old forest and he had explained that in order to end the danger that the Wight’s posed she was do well to seek the aid of the of a man in Brown”. “In the end it was Khellus and Eogwen who stumbled upon him quite by accident in Ost Guruth within the Lone Lands”

    Damitri stood up at this point and stood by the fire, “I spoke with them regarding what this, it seems that the man in brown was none other than the wizard Radagast, he told them to seek the evil with the ruins of Garth Agarwen and that what they would find there would lead them the source of this growing evil within the north”

    Noticing his pipe had gone out he relit it before continuing, “It seems that after they slipped into ruins they came across a foul gaunt lord and even though they slew him he mocked them as he fell, telling them that there were greater gaunt lords then he and that the north would fall”

    “They returned to the Maiden with haste and explained what they had heard and after talking to Lord Elrond it became apparent that two of the great gaunt lords were in the service of the enemy, one who was rising the corrupted spirits within the tombs of Angmar and he other that sought to raise a great evil within the Misty Mountains”

    “And so my task was given to me by the Maiden herself, I must venture into Angmar its self and lay down this Gaunt lord while the Maiden seeks to rid the Misty Mountains of its threat, I know only that my foes name is Ferndúr and that he lies guarded somewhere within Imlad Balchorth, I warn you you the task will be a dangerous one, but I beseech you to aid me”

    The Rangers took a moment to consider the task laid before them, “I suggest we travel to Garth Forthnir” Farwyn suggested “the rangers up there will be willing to lend us there aid and they are only a short distance away from the tombs you speak off”.

    “with your leave, I will gather as many of the other rangers as I can before joining you in the North” Aradnor asked and with a nod from Damitri he made haste to gather as many of the rangers as he could.

    “I thank you my friends for your aid” Damitri said proudly, “let us be done with our task so we may return to the safty of the Breelands”

    And with that the Rangers of the North, headed to tombs of Imlad Balchorth where they met with a great host of the dead and they fought swift and fierce untill there eyes finally fell upon there foe, “You are fools to challenge me” the Gaunt lord roared and though the rangers fought with fire in there hearts the gaunt lord and his vile spirits were to much and they were driven back.

    It was here that Palamir drew a great call across the north to call for aid of the free peoples, a call that did not go unheard as allies from all creeds and races flooded to there banner and there numbers were bolstered and with a renewed vigor the rangers again assaulted the vile denisons of Imlad Balchorth, It was with there renewed strength that they threw done the Gaunt lord and ended his threat upon the free peoples of the north.

    But not all had gone as the rangers had wanted, as the fellowship of the maiden had made its stand against Drugoth the Death-monger he had succeded in reviving a great beast and so the great dragon Thorog of helegrod was reborn.

    Yet the fellowship of the maiden was not without its own unlikely success as they bested the might of one of the nine and sent him back to Mordor an event that pleased Elrond greatly as it would aid others in a task of great importance.

    It was now that the Lady Angina gathered the survivors of her fellowship and explained that they must venture into the ancient dwarven home of Helegrod so that could finally destroy Drugoth and his vile pet.

    And so again the fellowship of the maiden prepared themselves to face a task of unsermountable odds, but a task they must succed at all the same…

    Well that's all for now.

    If people would like to know what else happened then let me know.



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