hey nimrods
so lately we've lost a few of our raiders to real life, school, and in a couple rare cases to another kin...so we are now looking for a few people to shore up the ranks. we are a pretty social raid kin, and we care alot more about each other and being like a family than anything else. we enjoy running together, whether its endgame T2 or a GB just for laughs or even the occasional moors kin raid. the most important thing to us is to have fun playing with each other, but when we raid we take it seriously. if a family kin environment with some awesome people and very fun raids sounds good to you, shoot me a mail or a tell in game, or u can contact Penlitl. keep in mind that the environment of the kin is the most important thing to me, so not everyone will get an invite, and those who do will get one on a trial basis to see if you are a good fit for us and we are a good fit for you. seeya in game

~your friendly neighborhood murder~