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    carnt enter the middle earth world

    any help plz i can make a char then when i click on enter middle eart world it goes to the loading screen then freezes doesnt load so carnt get into the game and susgestions plz

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    A few suggestions:
    • Set your graphics settings to very low, and DirectX to the lowest version listed
    • If you haven't tried already: reboot your computer
    • Re-install the game
    • Check your port-forwarding (more info here) and other firewall settings
    • I've had the same problem too about a year ago, but my problem was that something with the router (we still don't know exactly what), it didn't occur anymore since we have a new one. This might not work for you and may cost a lot of money, so I don't advise trying this out... I don't want to make you waste money and time.
    Good luck!
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    vicky11970, I'm having the same problem, on Crickhollow. Which server did this happen to you on? Any chance it's the same one?

    Edit: I again hit my router reset button just for kicks. I just managed to get in by trying reducing the graphics setting to 'Very Low' on the character selection screen. That seemed the easiest, most immediate thing I could try and it worked. So now I don't know if it was the router or the graphics setting lol. I broke the cardinal rule of only changing one variable at a time. I'm in for now anyway.

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