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    Can't do a blog?

    Hey guys! I just finished downloading the game a couple days ago, but due to the server maintenance issue I haven't played the game yet. Man, I can't wait! So in the meantime, I thought I'd go to lotro.com and see what it has in store for us new players. I have just found out that I can do a blog, which would be pretty interesting as I have never done a blog before in my life. So I clicked "my blog" at the top right hand corner of my screen and I get to the page. The page was not what I expected. It said, "The blog you have requested is not installed properly. Please contact the system administrator." So, here I am asking, how can I fix this? Or has this been an on-going issue for others or the community as a whole? I am new, so please do not get irritated if this question has been asked numerous times! Well, if you can answer please do as it will be greatly appreciated and I'll mostly likely give you this cookie I found on Google Images. Until then, see you guys later!

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    It could have something to do with the maintenance. The forums are up but not exactly working right. I'd wait till after maintenance is done and try again if it does'nt work then, you can put in a bug report.

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    Welcome to Middle Earth! I hope you really like the game, once you're able to play it.

    First off I'd recommend to just wait until tomorrow. This maintenance has been much MUCH worse than any typical one, so there's a high probability it's not at all your fault.

    It may also not work properly until you have some characters. After you have been able to play, give it another try.

    If it doesn't clear up on its own, let us know and we can think of some other things to try.
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