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Thread: Solo PvP

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    Solo PvP

    Hello everyone. I am completely new to minstrel. How effective is this class in solo pvp? (Moors and spars)

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    I guess it's enough

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    Quote Originally Posted by Retarius View Post

    I guess it's enough
    Seems about right for a well played minstrel.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Retarius View Post

    I guess it's enough
    Ahahaha...that gets me everytime I see it.

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    Minstrel is a lot of fun to play in the moors. DPS skills have no inductions and can be played on the move, but can drain power quickly. As far as how 'good' they are...well, that depends mostly on the player.


    I am not sure how update 10 will affect our DPS since our base power pools are being lowered. I have not tried the moors on Bullroarer to find out. Might be some balance issues at first.
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    Ahaha fantastic!



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