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    [Event] Spring Poetry Competition

    Its spring its spring
    Oh I just can’t wait
    To find fruits on the vases
    And flowers on my plate

    I want to hear the warm sun
    And feel the robin singing
    Watch the scent of the flowers
    And smell the butterflies flying

    - Arvie Calimlim

    Date: Saturday 23rd March

    Time: 7:30pm (UK)

    Location: Menthil Stage, Bywater. The Shire.

    Topic: Flowers/ Rebirth - change / Love

    Prizes: "Spring-time Bard" title; a little bit of this, a little bit of that.

    Tis the time of year when the cold of winter is almost passed and the breeze brings the promise of life ter follow. The first crops are going in, yon hobbit holes fling wide the doors an windows as the dust of winter is chased out again.

    An the time is now fer ye budding poets, ye who have waited through the dark nights since the last gathering, ter put word ter paper and show us what ye can do!

    Again, there are three topics ter choose from when ye begin ter create. " Flowers - Rebirth/change - Love " For what is Spring without these three?

    Now places are limited - ye've no idea how many there are just bursting ter share their poems with us, it does me heart glad, so it does - so get yer names down and it'll be a grand night ter remember!

    No one race holds alone the ability ter create poems of such wonder it melts yer heart, so all are welcome ter apply be ye Hobbit, Elf, Dwarf or Man, the stage is open ter all.

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    Jun 2011

    Red face

    *smiles and writes her name down on the list*

    Looking forward to this, I know it will be lovely as it always is


    Laurelin Archives Webteam

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    *writes the name down on her list*

    Thank ye Miss Amorey, twill be a grand event fer sure!

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    Jun 2011
    *Cheers for poems*

    I keep on missing the poetry competitions, but I think I will actually be in the bounds for this one, so please put my name on the list!
    Simbo Rumblebelly
    Gardener, Adventurer and Pie-Lover

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    yay poetry count Holbran in :P I'll be sure to come this time with a poem :P

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    *Looks at the list in her hand and nods after silently counting the remaining spaces*

    Right, that's six places filled, so that leave four left.

    Told ye, it fills fast!

    Still time ter get yer name down and secure a place at this springs event.

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    If there is still room for a late entry there is an old dwarf of my aquaintance named Dromwaldin Ironhand who'd be as keen as mustard to throw his hat into the ring and come up with a poem for this event.

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    Hail and well met ter yer mighty friend, there's always room fer one more!

    *scribbles the name to her list with a smile*

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    Jun 2011

    Red face


    Only a few days to go and my poem is ready *smiles*

    This is going to be a lovely evening as always...nice poems, happy people, music, friends and fireworks...

    ...and muffins, and hobbits...and even dwarves and even the occasional elf *giggles*

    Hope to see you there !

    *goes practicing her poem*
    Laurelin Archives Webteam

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    Yay, should be good fun as usual!

    *ponders on bringing a frying pan*
    Lina Willowwood, biscuit-eating bard on Laurelin
    Hobbit RP? Grand Order of the Lost Mathom
    Songs + videos on me biscuity burrow

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    *nods at the pan* always a good idea Miss Lina

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    A great thank you ter all who turned up and supported us, and ter all the poets - so many ter mention - *bows* thank ye all

    Master Simbo walked away with the Title of "Spring-time Bard"
    Closely followed by Master Dromwaldin and his lovely "Morag"
    and master Ponso tied joint third with Miss Nonnette.

    Am off fer a pint now, but I hopes ter see ye all fer the Summer version.

    *wanders off muttering "why?...why does I do it?"*

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    Jun 2011
    Last night was great fun! Thank you so much to the organisers that made it happen. Looking forward to the next one



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