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    Quote Originally Posted by Merwick View Post
    1. There's not been a mention of a level cap increase, merely a new expansion. You're presuming (probably correctly) that there will be another level cap increase with the expansion, but I'd like to ask the Devs that question.

    2. Isengard is still the main antagonist in our timeline, and if anything, it should be getting stronger by the time Rohan is invaded. Leaving Nan Curunir + Isengard at level 75 when its minions are threatening Rohan seems absurd. It made sense to have a weak area when the threat from Saruman was covert. If it stays like that throughout the next expansion, we'd be missing a huge oportunity, both lore-wise and in terms of gameplay. Again, I'd still like the opinion of the devs on this.
    Fair enough
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    I'd also like to know if there are any plans for an LI revamp, after housing is done... It's still not exactly the nicest of systems, when you compare it to other systems already in place (mounted combat for example) and still feels bolted on.

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    Thats nice!
    Cant wait to read answers from Kelsan and Jinjah

    1. Is there going to be some revamp on BA skills cool-down or any kind of revamp?
    2. Is there any chance for the Reaver to get an in combat runspeed buff??
    3. Plz tell us if you are working on a new region for pvmp
    4. Are you considering giving any legendary trait for creeps fullfiling a single role?For example a single target dps trait for reaver and an aoe trait.Or a CC legendary trait for BA and a single target nuke dps.Or a healing leg trait for defiler and a debuffing one.(you got my point)

    1. Plz do something about the traitlines of the Captain
    2. Anything new about housing?

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    Matt "Hoarsedev" Zimmitti
    _ We're all talking about the House system revamp but Kinship system will be updated in the near future? if not, in the far future?
    _ We have mounted combat, but few things to do. Any plans like MC instances? New challenging warbands?

    Trevor “Jinjaah” McEwen
    _Can we have a small preview about captain revamp?
    _ Please, give us an official statement about Fight Clubbing?
    _ New PvMP Zone in sight, even far away?

    Jared “Kelsan” Pruett
    _ Since we have brand new servers, will be any chance for inter-server activities? Shared PvMP zone, Shared Instance finder

    Rick "Sapience" Heaton
    _ Can we have more infos about the player council?
    _ Every server will be represented?
    _ Will be assured seats in the council for people from biggest non-supported language communities?
    _ The council will be held in Rivendell?
    _Have you ever seen this (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZIMoQHpvFQQ) video?
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    If you want suggestion ... well start from here :

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    To Matt "Hoarsedev" Zimmitti - Lead Systems Designer

    1- Is there any plan to improve the kinship system? (custom ranks, kinship outfit, kinship vault...)?
    2- While developing Draigoch's lair the dev team mentioned a CJ revamp. Do you still have plans on that?
    3- Leaderbords, characters and kinship information for ex-EU players are still unavaiable or partially missing. Will we ever seen those working? - Same for character-copy on betas

    Joe "jwbarry" Barry - Instances & Raids

    1- Will we see more 6-men content in the future? (apart from resacaled istances)
    2- Will we ever see any MC istance / part of istance ? (That would need a MC balance-adjust first I think)

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    Is there any plan to address the spreading problem of exploiting, particularly multi-boxing and rank farming in the Ettenmoors in the near future? This has been at the forefront of discussion for PVP players of late and I'm sure it has been noticed that there is a large 5-star thread calling for action in the PVMP section.

    Also, Sapience, will there be PVMP representatives from both factions on the Player Council?

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    I have 1 question:


    When will you fix the Hunter class?

    Thank you

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    Some sort of Master Loot option for the best gear, in recognition that kins use things like DKP...? Many people aren't fans of Remote Looting convenience for the stuff that really matters...

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    J-dub Barry: You're the man. Ost Dunhoth and Orthanc were awesome. In contrast to the last four raids (DN, BG, OD, Orthanc), the coming raid is three isolated single encounters as opposed to a multi-boss progression raid. Does this signal a design philosophy change at Turbine with respect to raiding? If not, is there a multi-boss progression raid on the development list for the future? If so, when? If not, why?

    To Others: Can you please explain the design decision to have the single best in slot item in the game (Horse-lords bracelets) drop primarily from over-land level 85 trash mobs? What objective were the designers trying to achieve?

    To Others: Can you please explain why Fate is being revamped to be so powerful that even IDOME can't withstand the weight of its power?
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    Jared “Kelsan” Pruett:

    Is the hunter class ever going to see something along the lines of a strong, instant self-heal/HOT or instant B/P/E buff?

    Will the class revamp, for hunters in particular, fix/remove/alter the redundant or otherwise negligible traits they have (particularly yellow line)?

    Can a universal medium armor mitigation buff be considered to help burglars/hunters perform their role without sacrificing in ways no other classes have to?

    Will the numerous hunter skills and traits (specifically, Bow of the Righteous, Press Onward, Strength of the Earth, Agile Rejoinder, assorted legendary item legacies, etc) that are currently under-scaled or out-of-date be scaled to perform up-to-par with other class's skills?

    Are there going to be any changes or modifications to hunters skills (disregarding 'improved versions' that are really just fixing skills that aren't WAI) such as Press Onward, Strength of the Earth, Purge Poison, Intent Concentration, and Burn Hot that allow them to be used while moving or shorten/remove the debilitating animations?

    Yes, that's a lot of questions directed at hunters (and burglars shortly mentioned, also need some love), but the class truly is quickly becoming a relic and falling behind the others, with many, many 'patches' and 'bandaids' thrown on to disguise the fact that there is a severe lack of progress being made with it and it's painfully apparent to anyone who plays one seriously. Hunters shouldn't have to struggle to perform on-par with their counterpart classes that a mediocre/average player can do just as well or even better at. They need some kind of real update, urgently.
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    Q1: Solo End-Game Play
    What types of ideas are there for solo players to have end game play similar to what is offered to the raiding community? (1,2 or 3 players). Some existing systems like skirmishes become repetitive quickly or the loot tables maybe out of sync with what players would like to earn as rewards.

    Q2: PVP Issues
    Many of the last updates to the moors have been positive but some items are out of balance. Some items maybe WAI on some servers but not on others due to PVP population balances.
    • Gold sink on creepside.
    • Better access/armour for freeps <L85
    • GV = TR camp ( the new STAB fight on nimrodel)
    • Keep and Outpost Buffs work but often discourage the other side from leaving their one-shotters.
    • Once one side gains buffs, they can overwhelm the other side easily
    • Increase the lock out time for side swapping.
    • Improve Creep Skills at lower levels.
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    What Kajil said, plus the following general questions:

    With the changes to stats, medium armour classes are getting less tactical mitigation than lights and far less physical mitigation than heavies. Will you consider returning the medium armour curve to its pre-ROI shape to offer at least some more survivability - particularly for burglars?

    Can you take a careful look at some legendary traits that are poor at high levels simply due to long animations, changes in class development or lack of scaling? Examples: Press Onward, Bow of the Righteous (hunter); Flashing Blades, Exposed Throat (burglar);

    Will you consider limiting the exploit of stacking burglars' Reveal Weakness, perhaps by limiting it to 2 per mob?

    Conversely, will CJs/FMs ever be important again? My idea here would be to give 10 secs for the CJ to be activated - each FS member has to press the CJ button within this time limit without knocking the mob down or interrupting normal skills. These Mark 2 CJs would not interrupt normal mechanics and so be CJs usable against raid bosses without the need to make said bosses immune.

    Can you remove or reduce long skill animations on non-induction skills (e.g. Flashing Blades, Cry of the Hunter, Kick, Hunter's Art), so that people do not need to exploit to make the skill effective?

    Quality of Life
    * If you're not going to redesign the LI system, can you introduce some quality of life improvements such as:

    - auto-forging ALL relics owned by a character up to a pre-set level (for the same shard/gold cost as currently)
    - removing the induction from IXP runes
    - offering the option to combine IXP runes into bigger ones?

    Basic Systems
    * With the changes to interrupts, will you change the behaviour of certain induction-spamming mobs (e.g. the Venomous Blood Arrow skirmish lieutenant) to slow down their rate of inductions too?

    * Can you introduce the "shavings" mechanic to lower crafting levels as well as Eastemnet?
    * Can you offer an option to disable the naming prompt when you make a critted item?
    * Will each "special item" for crafting be tradeable at skirmish camps?

    Instances, Raids and Skirmishes
    * Will you consider fixing the amount of stuns that adds give out in some 3-mans, forcing very specific class combinations for success (Sword Halls T2)?
    * Tokens of Hytbold can be traded for Tokens of the Riddermark. Can you introduce an exchange the other way round (e.g. 5 for 1, 3 for 1) to reduce the grind now it is no longer endgame?
    * Some instances are particularly laggy (Way of Smiths is especially horrible). Can you investigate?
    * Again on Way of Smiths, is the damage from trash working as intended (6k fire damage from normal ghash-hai)?
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    Quote Originally Posted by Aedfrith View Post

    Quality of Life
    * If you're not going to redesign the LI system, can you introduce some quality of life improvements such as:

    - auto-forging ALL relics owned by a character up to a pre-set level (for the same shard/gold cost as currently)
    - removing the induction from IXP runes
    - offering the option to combine IXP runes into bigger ones?

    * Can you introduce the "shavings" mechanic to lower crafting levels as well as Eastemnet?
    * Can you offer an option to disable the naming prompt when you make a critted item?
    * Will each "special item" for crafting be tradeable at skirmish camps?
    I appreciate these suggestions too, but I'm not sure if a dev chat is the right place to suggest things

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    Any plans to fix mylotro.com for some of the European accounts?

    On one account everything works fine, on the other mylotro is completely broken. When I contacted customer support they informed me that there were no plans to fix this, but this happened some months after the end of the migration. Instead of pestering them every now and then, perhaps you can answer this.

    Will we ever learn what was originally planned for the Riders of Rohan instance cluster?

    Are those instances on "ice"? Will we ever see them? Perhaps in Western Rohan?

    Any chance of having a diary to explain the need for all these will/power, fate/critical, agility/wardens changes in the middle of an expansion and not with a new one?

    Thank you.
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    Any plans for a new class?

    [center] [b] [thread=347266]We Need a New Race![/thread][/b] [/center]

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    1)Judging by the reactions of the community, the new loot system hasn't gone over to well. Any thoughts on going back to the old system of looting?

    1a)If the plan is to keep the current loot system... I remember during the post Update 2/In their absence days, the plan was to make the end-game less of a grind. With the introduction of the new loot system and no more locks/dailies, is grind where end-game is headed going forward?

    2)What is the rationale behind not having Horse-lord Recipes in Raid chests?
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    Threat generation by tanks appears to not scale proportionally to dps. Will you be addressing this issue at some point? Also Threat itself is very murky do you have any plans for making it a bit more transparent?

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    Mailing System

    About the mailing system.
    * When will we be able to send multiple items in a single mail?
    * Will we be able to send mail to people on other server?
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    Ettenmoors Player Attention

    I know the Moors wasn't planned as being part of the game & therefore its usually on the back burner, but would it not be smart to draw some attention to it at the sign-in screens? PvP is one of the biggest, profitable game roles today. All you have to do is look at the financial reports. I have alot of fun out there, its nice to able to play against an actual person thinking & not a software npc. :-)

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    Quote Originally Posted by Darlgon View Post
    Any chance you guys plan on issuing the "Official" version of the dev chat, for those of us who dont "Tweet"? (I pretty much hate that word. BIRDS tweet.) You guys have the forums for your official releases.

    Oh, bah,.. I see now its next week. Was thinking you were having that tweetfest to cover some of the dead time from the game downage yesterday. Still..
    We post the transcripts on the site when it's over so you will always be able to see what was asked and the answers given.

    Quote Originally Posted by Aethelwald View Post
    This one is for now and for our community leader here.

    Sapience - this Twitter conference format certainly has its merits. However, have you considered something more free form to supplement it....say, using perhaps Google Hangouts or the like to hold more of a Town Meeting event moderated by a member of the gaming press where questions are asked by players?

    I believe there are many who'd appreciate something a bit less controlled from time to time.

    We've kicked around the idea of Google hangouts, but there are some issues. In particular the reality that not everyone is comfortable on camera, even in a group and a Google hangout that's text only isn' really any different than an old school IRC chat. If I announced a video dev chat, I bet I'd lose 2/3 of the dev team's interest in them.

    Speaking of which, we did do regular IRC chats, hosted by various media outlets. They usuall yhad low turn out by a small group of the same players who asked more or less the same questions (which were usually not representative of the community as a whole). So the perception of those was usually very negative. In fact, it's the primary reason we stopped doing dev chats for so long.

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    Will there be a level cap raise in the fall? If this cannot be answered yet then any idea when we will start to hear details?

    (A lot of rumours are flying around but I don't recall seeing any official announcements verifying such).
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    Captain tanks have always had major power problems, and the addition of Fate to Hytbold gear in Beta 2 only put power restoration vs. consumption rates even with Live values. Since B2, our in-class power restoration has been reduced across the board and power costs have gone up on several key, frequently-used skills. Why is this being done?
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    @Lead systems designer (sorry, forgot to copy paste the name)

    question: Is there a serious attempt going to redo the kinship/housing systems according to the forum wishes?
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    has any considered making armor scrolls for audicity for the freep side. no offence i prefer the starts on some of the hytbold armor set versus the moors set. your talking mixing and matching sets this would help and just set a standard commedation for each scroll or do like u do for tomes stats need I before u can use II


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