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    Welcome to Gladden!
    Embaer 85 Cappy | Emiele 85 Hunter | Emiliah 79 Guard | Rickastley

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    Quote Originally Posted by Witch0King View Post
    "Good... good... let the hate flow through you" scene?
    Trait trees have ruined the game

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mucica View Post
    "Good... good... let the hate flow through you" scene?
    something like that
    "I should call that a heavy loss, if it was not a wonder rather that in his great age he could still wield his axe as mightily as they say he did, standing over the body of King Brand before the gate of Erebor, until the darkness fell."

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    Quote Originally Posted by AmericanSinner View Post
    How do you know what to do in the moors? You've been here forever and all you can do, still, is HIPS+Sprint+Map to Grams?!
    I only grams map if there is an entire raid. I yes, I prefer not to die. Burgs do the same thing, and they have more toys than I do.

    Anyway, welcome to the server, enjoy the long wait for the xfer, taken me two weeks to get back here.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Monkeylad View Post
    Someone from skullripper, so no one of note.
    literally only joined them so i knew where fights were. other than that i dont role with em

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    Said no one ever.

    Said no one ever.

    Think about it. If it makes sense to anyone let me know. Cause my beer writing is confusing ... said everyone ever.
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    Quote Originally Posted by PuduBatt View Post
    -Healers that heal

    Your devoted Hunter,


    he means me there. i may possibly join him here. he just needs to convince me more.


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