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    Trash Talkin' PvP Music

    So I've heard it said that the trash talking wasn't yet strong enough on this forum yet...I don't care if you disagree.

    I've also noticed Guido's thread on PvP music.

    And add Arkantor's comments to me on RoI.

    Plus my strange obsession with Irish Rebel Music.

    And you get:

    (To the Tune of 'Come Out Ye Black and Tans' http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ORifieiZiP4):

    I was born in RoI, when every second we would die,
    To the freeps if we weren't numbered three to one.
    And almost every post, of qq was utmost,
    And the chorus tells us now the battle's been won:

    Come out you bloody freeps!
    Come out! Stop huggin' all your keeps!
    Tell your kin how back in RoI you owned us!
    And how great B A M F
    Eas'ly face-rolls y'all to death,
    And leaves you hiding in the Delving from us.

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    here wargie wargie.....
    Ok I can't listen to the tune at work, or concentrate all that well, so this might not be spot on,
    but here's a response called

    (Ode to the solo hunter)

    I was born in MoM, when solo 40 I would die,
    To the creeps if I couldn't catch them afk.
    And almost every post, of qq was utmost,
    Where da freeps? Why da freeps not 65 yet?

    Then the freeps they did come out, and the creeps they did pout
    and complain all day and night about the pain
    and while some was justified, some was downright snide
    Nerf the freeps. Nerf the freeps we can't compete!

    So the creeps they grouped together in herds for protection I gather
    and the freeps had to pick from many targets
    But then easymode came and they still stayed the same
    All huddled together and rarely seen out alone

    Map out you bloody creeps!
    Map out! Stop huggin' all your peeps!
    Tell your kin how twenty to one you owned us!
    And how great B A M F
    Eas'ly zergs 7k hunters to death,
    Try solo and quit hiding in craids from us!
    [CENTER][SIZE=2][I][COLOR=#ff0000]Currently serving [/COLOR][COLOR=#3366ff]Brecfes[/COLOR][COLOR=#ff0000] on every world....[/COLOR][/I][/SIZE][/CENTER]

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    in a galaxy far, far away....
    After an hour of long, thoughtful deliberation, I came up with this delightful little verse which I would like to dedicate to everyone's favorite bald hobbit hunter: Kickstand!

    Ode to Star-Hugging (sung to the tune of Justin Bieber's Beauty and a Beat.... and no, I'm not a fan :P)

    Show it off, tonight I'm gonna show it off, eh, eh, eh
    Take a bow, my rating is at 2K now, oh, oh, oh
    spam tracking r4 wargs is what I do the best,
    And if they gank me I'll just flop and DF,
    Camoed in HH like a greenie camping boss,
    I'm waiting for ya, I'm waiting for ya,

    'Cause aaaaaaalllllllll I need,
    is a five-star picture of me,
    that'll make my life comple-e-e-e-ete,
    it's aaaaaalllllll very true,
    I'll ditch my raid and run away,
    'Cause that's what bald hobbits do-o-o-o-o


    I'll see y'all at the Grammies! :P:P:P

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    - A warden's journey

    I'm a warden ez-moder
    Dropped my cappy, that fail-bugger

    Got so easy facerolling
    Creeps soon started trolling

    So I change to trait spear
    Thought it would stop some tear

    Had some fun, still ez-moding
    Wargs would hips, still die bleeding

    Got my &&&& zerged big
    Now shield is back, how do you dig?

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    in a galaxy far, far away....
    Quote Originally Posted by Herja View Post
    Wargs would hips, still die bleeding
    Too true mate, too true... Q_Q



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