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    Scholar's guild or Weaponsmith's guild for my Guardian.

    Yes I know it's another scholar vs weaponsmith guild question but I am having a rather tough time deciding everyone on Elendilmir I've asked always says I should go with Scholar's guild while I do craft alot of pots for questing and skirmishing and scrolls etc I made the long ride to Rivendell to see the guild recipes and aside from lvl 75 and 85 pocket items and a few improved recipes for output I can't see alot of benefit going with the Scholar's Guild which seems more aimed at mini's and rk's over weaponsmith's guild.

    The problem is also I try to keep my crafting balanced with alts as well ie my 25 guard is a historian my 25 hunter is a explorer and my 23 Burg is a tinker and I don't really want to have to create a fourth alt with weaponsmithing so for my Guardian aside from the pots and scrolls would it be better in the long run for my guard to be in the weaponsmith's guild considering I can feed him bars from two alts considering I can craft pots and scrolls without the imp recipes from scholar's guild?
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    Scholar guild is what I would choose too.From weaponsmith guild u may be able to get vitality relics for your guard though and certainly a LI like a sword.Other than that I cannot see any other merit from choosing to do so.I do not believe its a bad idea since you have a burglar too to make him some LIs.Its a personal decision but if you choose so you may not be able to make some money of his profession as it would be easier with a scholar.Also for me leveling the weaponsmithing was much harder than the scholar part.I went with the common metalsmith guard and since you have a tinker too I would advise to make a metalsmith too,not only for your guard but your other toons too.Just my opinion

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    Chose Scholar's Guild and never looked back. Weaponsmith is cool. but the actual recipes for the Scholar and pocket items, crafting lore, battle lore, etc. is way too cool to pass up. I never regretted choosing Scholar over Weaponsmith. One mans opinion...

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    To be entirely honest, I'd pick the Armoursmith vocation (prospector, metalsmith, tailor), if I were you. The reason is that you can craft your own heavy armour and heavy shields while leveling up, and if you don't raid, guild armour recipes are actually quite decent.

    Being a Historian, however, I'd strongly recommend the Scholar's guild. The reason is very pragmatic - you are entirely self-sufficient in producing guild reputation tokens. Yes, you can level reputation with the Weaponsmith's guild without being a prospector, but it is a ery annoying process. The reason is that these rep tokens require quite often quite a few processed ingots. Furthermore, some of the processed ingots require processed ingots from the previous tier to make, so if you are not a prospector, you have to make very precise calculations what type of ingots you need.

    I tried this once, but I always forgot what exactly I needed, and had to switch very often between characters in order to get the correct ingots. Finally, I gave up, I started to level rep with the Scholar's guild and created an alt for the Weaponsmith's guild. Life was much, much easier after that.
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    choose scholar guild as it will give you power relics for your LI which help a lot in long fights. Also as a historian it will be a lot easier for you to lv your scholar guild rep since you will not need to get metal ingots of other players. Also there are a lot of things to sell as a scholar guild member but a weaponsmith only sells LI weapons which are very common drops in places like moria



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