Audacity is now recruiting. This kinship was founded shortly after I (araganth) and my successor (Valiancy) transferred to this server. We are rather new kinship, we were founded on the date February 12th 2013. Our main focus as a kinship is to create an environment where we can help each of our members. We do lots of PvMP and raiding. We are also practicing the newer U10 instances in beta in order to be prepared to gear all of our level 85 members with little hassle. Members are also encouraged to group with each other at low levels in order to perform harder quests, and level up faster. Of course, in the event you want to take your time and enjoy the wonderful storyline and quest areas of LOTRO, that is also a fine alternative. We also are setting up people within the kin to craft. We hope that in due time we can provide everything needed to keep our members in raiding/grouping quality. Contact any one of our officers in game to inquire more about Audacity! Our guildpage (which includes a list of officers) can be found here: m
I am aware that there are other PvMP/Raiding kinships already established on this server, however I decided to create something new. I hope that you decide to join me in this task and see this kinship flourish.