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    Will and the Loremaster U10 changes

    I was checking the current notes about the upcoming U10 release on BR. I saw this comment that Will will not longer be used to add to power.

    Since our current main stat is Will, it appears that our power output is going to be less.

    So, does anyone have some idea about what happens to LMs The Portable Power Packs of M-E with this change?

    side note: In ancient days of yore, LMs where very much needed to supply power to groups. Now most players can generater more power than they need and many can generate their own health bubbles.

    Does this return us to the days of when a LM was 100% needed in a group even if it's just to do power restores?
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    While the power share has been increased (based on power returned compared to power pools and cost) the power drain has been lessened. It remains to be seen how effective an LM is going to be as a power battery.

    I'd take a look through the Bullroarer forums, there's a couple threads that delve more deeply into this, to include at least one LM specific one if I'm remembering correctly.
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