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    Where are all the Hobbit RPers!?

    Hello, all.

    So I'm new to Laurelin, and I'm really enjoying the server so far. I've met a lot of good people and had some very good RP. However I've noticed something during my long amount of time with LOTRO. There are hardly any Hobbit RPers.

    Now I will admit I see some from time to time, but I feel like I'm one of the only active Hobbit RPers around. What's up with that?

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    I've never taken part in Hobbit RP myself, so I might be wrong, but I believe that most of the hobbity roleplaying happens during the Green Dragon Friday. There is also the Michel Delving Market event, but I've no idea how alive that is. There are also a fair number of Hobbit RP kins around, and the Laurelin Archives is a great place to check out events etc.

    Anyways, I'm sure that the Hobbit RPers will happily welcome a new face.

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    Hobbit rpers are on all the time, going about their everyday lives.

    The bi-weekly markets see lots of activity in Micheal Delving, with old and new rpers coming together. Most night there'll be someone playing music in the square, or picking herbs in the fields nearby.

    Green Dragon on friday is a great place to meet us.

    Or kin-wise, there are People of the Shire; Grand Order of the Lost Mathom; Shire Rose to name a few of the established rp kins.

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    There is much hobbit RP on Laurelin, but rather a lot of it is in the EU primetime, given that Laurelin is an old EU server.

    Most events are held between 2PM-6PM servertime. A good source for hobbit event news is the Bramblebury Gazette: http://www.brambleburygazette.com/

    Else, the hobbits often meet in Michel Delving Square on days with no events, for songs and dance and gossip. Add to that, there are kin-specific activities too (in the homesteads or a little off the beaten track)

    Good luck bumping into us!
    Lina Willowwood, biscuit-eating bard on Laurelin
    Hobbit RP? Grand Order of the Lost Mathom
    Songs + videos on me biscuity burrow

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    I thought the same thing when I was doing the quests in Northcotton Market near Oatbarton. The whole area is something of a microcosm for the Shire at large, and I could very well picture some Hobbit RP kinship setting up shop there.

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    Red face

    Where are all the Hobbit RPers!?
    *waves merrily*

    Hullo there, funny yer should ask where we are couse we are all over the Shire *nods* as Lina pointed out, Laurelin is a former EU server therefore the core of our RP community is based in Europe and tends to play at EU prime-time, that said, there are also a growing numbers of RP from all over the world, some even in our kins. The hobbit RP community on Laurelin is very well established and thriving, join us at some of the more regular events and you will be amazed to see the Shire come to life. Come over on the Laurelin Archives and find us there

    *smiles and waves*
    Laurelin Archives Webteam

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    If you're looking for a NA based Hobbit kinship

    I'd reccomend the Out of Bounders. We're in a rebuilding period but I'm on regularly between 6pm and 10pm most nights during the week. Please visit our adpost on the Forums or in the Laurelin Archives.

    Welcome to Laurelin!!!



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