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    Smile hey dol

    hey dol merry dol my
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    Well housing was never really 'broken' in order to be 'fixed.'

    It's just being expanded upon and revamped.

    Don't get me wrong that's brilliant and needed and I much look forward to see what they do.

    I just read the title of this thread and thought to myself "wait, my kinship or personal houses don;t have bugs, whats in need of fixing?"


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    Kait Paiz "Executive Producer" (aka overpaid, under worked bureaucrat who somehow slithered her way to head honcho)
    Dude...bad form. Especially on HER forums *wink wink nudge nudge*
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    Excellent example how people read their wishes into a marketing text and spread their assumptions as confirmed facts. Crying blue murder afterwards that Turbine "doesn't hold promises" guaranteed, when the reality doesn't accord with what's really happening.

    Quote Originally Posted by mrbolbo View Post
    " I am extremely pleased to say that this year we will be tackling a major revision to the Housing system. In February and March we will be gathering information about how Housing should change, and then we’ll be releasing revisions to the system in the latter half of the year."
    1. a revision is not a fix
    2. "major revision" can mean absolutely everything. From another decoration slot in our yards to something completely new.
    3. "the latter half of the year" is not "mid-2013". It's any time between july and december. Chances are low that it'll come before the next expansion.
    [COLOR="#FF0000"]"HELP!!!!??"[/COLOR] is not an appropriate thread title.
    Only fools use [COLOR="#FF0000"]apostrophes[/COLOR] in a plural. That's when they're called fool's apostrophes.

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    i really hope turbine takes a LOOOOONG look at DC online and their implimentation. Basically, after you use a certain number of hardpoints, your entire house becomes free-to-place. man......*drool* free to place housing items......

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    If I may make a suggestion, the post this person made, which is accessable via the url below, had a really amazing idea for a housing revamp. I know that almost certainly not all of it could be done, but I think Turbine should seriously take some of what was mentioned in this post into consideration. Make LotRO even MORE EPIC!

    This could make role play, for those who partake in it, even better. Not to mention, depending on how it's approached, Turbine could also earn some money off of a new housing system. Really, there don't seem to be many negatives to "overdoing" the housing system a bit in this update...




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