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    Level 45-60 Kinship


    My friend and I started playing Lotro a month or so ago (we played back at release but drifted back to WoW, so I don't count that...). Anyway, we are quickly realizing that there are not enough players using the group finder in game to make any kind of practical use of it. This makes it very hard to find players for fellowship quests, instances, raids and skirmishes -- as there is not a global chat channel.

    We hope to gather up a group of people that find themselves in the same boat.

    We are quite casual players, playing 5-10 hrs a week. This will not be a hardcore kinship.

    The goal of this kinship will be to bring similar level players together so that we, together, can experience the harder content that the game offers, ie) normal instance, Helegrod and the Rift

    Currently we have:
    47 hunter
    47 guardian

    If you may be interested send me an in game msg/mail or leave a reply here. In one week, if there is enough interest, we will make this happen.

    edit: Is there a user made looking for group channel, one that the majority uses?

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    In your chat tab type /joinchannel glff - that is the server's Global Looking For Fellowship channel (as well as general chat, advice, and argument channel). While not always helpful, it increases your chances of finding more people your level range.

    Good hunting!



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