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    Quote Originally Posted by Murvious View Post
    "We do not consider ourselves elitist"? I have played every night, and the majority of the day every weekend for a month. More hours than most of your members except Urukhaithere. I've played many many MMO's. Lead end game PVE, and had much experience with PVP. Lead guilds, corps, whatever you want to call a group of people on each game I've played. And so I've experienced the best and worst people have to offer. And let me tell you, the majority of the Soldiers of the White Hand, mainly Grogog, Urukhaithere, Eunuch, and Chaotic (or whatever his name is), are elitist, childish, pricks. I was quiet in chat for weeks, content to pve, and join in pvp when I found the chance solo. Then I discovered that wargs have a tough time 1v1 atleast at low rank, and that the only major raid leader (Grogog) seems to hate them. So I thought to myself, I'll play a healer class.. I've been the top healer and dps for pve content and I've ranked high in 2v2 pvp on other games playing a healer. Then Grogog says, we need reavers. "All you wargs out there, delete your wargs and roll reavers." And so in a day and a half I had a rank 5 reaver. I did not ask for a group when the call for "Pst for group" came at first, because I thought it would be better for me to reach rank 7 so I would be of more use. No problem, two more days and I'd be there. But you know what I've noticed? Grogog, Urukhaithere, Eunuch, and Chaotic specifically have social disorders. They are racist. Grogog says "I try to make everyone hate me".(And I quote). He even questioned the whole raid one night on Taldag's sexual preference.. This is leadership material? What does this have to do with playing the game? I have my own business IRL and I see many people on a given day, and randomly in this game I have found four of the rudest children I have ever seen. That is saying something. (And before you brag that you are 24 Urukhaithere, I'm 33 so let's not go there. Even if you were my age, you have the maturity of Adam Sandler in most of his movies. You folks might want to get yourselves together and think about recruitment, training, and maybe seeing a real life counselor. As for me, I won't be back on this server or this thread.

    Just remember that when the number of creeps on Gladden drops, and then even more when U10 hits and you have nothing to build with or work with for pvp raids.... Let me think and just quote what Urukhaithere and Choatic said to me tonight when I made a simple mistake in OOC... hmm oh yes! "HEY GUY" and "YOU SUCK".

    Yes, that is your legacy folks. No wonder that guy KMT hates you so much. It's a shame when he looks sane next to you. You should be ashamed of yourselves. If you had morals.

    Porque no! I don't even know where to start here. Well, here goes.

    1. You don't know me, don't pretend you do.
    2. I dislike grouping and only group with those I know.
    3. Never been in soldiers, again if you knew me, you would know this.
    4. I have not talked to you, and the example you gave was certainly not said by me.
    5. The people who did say it were just giving you a hard time for laughs, they didn't hate you. Oh, but now they do, thanks to all the flaming you have done.

    But please, what social disorder do I have? I'm anxious to know.

    Btw, if you meant to refer to the rank 11 WL Chaosist who is in Soldiers, then perhaps before you make forum posts calling people out you should get your facts straight. Because if you ever do come back to gladden you can be sure you pissed off a lot of people with false accusations.
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