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    Gda?sk PL

    little dorf doing zapzap is rank 10! GZ KRAUMBRO

    read title, really grats kraum, finally got 10rank, either if ur doing ur nasty fire dots, or ur trying to heal ur fellowship buddies - ur really good at this.
    As for me i really hated u back in the 75, cus u were farming me. Now i hated u mostly because u were healing freeps too much...just walking heal-tank.
    Its said that t retiring from the moors as u hit r10...hope u will get back when i gonna try moors on my freeps hehe
    fun to play with u, i know we were on different sides, but it was always megafun to hear ur crying over the vent "%&#^$&^$# wargs, @#^@&# reavers, @$#^ moors

    i hope i will, so see you in the moors

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    Grats Kraum!

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    Why, hello there snapz :P

    Gratz kraum! *mumbleoprkhealzmumble*

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    Grats Kraum!! One of the best RKs I have even seen in the moors, and brave for trying fire as well :P

    Hope to c'ya out once again some day.. As we all know, one does not simply leave the moors!

    Also, we need your OP fire DoTs to keep killing all the HiPS'ing/sprinting wargs!! ;o

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    Quote Originally Posted by Agost View Post
    Also, we need your OP fire DoTs to keep killing all the HiPS'ing/sprinting wargs!! ;o
    Why do you want Kraum to kill you, Evo? >:3

    Grats Kraum! You're one of the few ppl who respond to my emotes (:<
    Chieftain Rayzr of Dwarrowdelf (Reaver)
    Footman Sakeri of Dwarrowdelf (Captain)

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    Gratz Lieutenant



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