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Thread: On-Level Raids

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    On-Level Raids

    H'lo all. =]

    I've had some characters sitting in the level 45-55 range for quite some time now, with the idea in the back of my head that I'd take them to some of the older raids before out-leveling them and making them too easy. Well…it's a new year, so who else is interested in some old raids?

    First on the docket is the Rift of Nurz Ghashu. I am interested in bringing my level 50 Loremaster along and anyone else level 50-55. If there are not enough eligible players interested, applications may be opened up to level 59. All adventurers interested in participating please list your eligible characters and their class. If we have an abundance of LM's, I can switch to my 53 Hunter. Time and Date may be determined after there are enough of us to run it, but I'd prefer it to be in the next one to three weeks, not later. Whether you have run the instance before or not is of no consequence, as I'm sure there will be many glorious deaths regardless of our experience. If possible, wear a stylish hat. Dancing between pulls is encouraged.


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    Man if I was on your server I would definitely volunteer. I have not raided at all as it seems everyone is a bit too serious around this raid stuff and I am fearful with my ordinary skills and lack of experience I may inadvertantly cause the group to wipe and be forever shunned! Your attitude of enjoying some spectatcular deaths and dancing with hats between mob pulls is the type of raid I would want to be part of. Good luck!

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    We run old content Raids about twice a month, but we run the Rift in 3 hours for new members and lower alts. I am sorry to say we do this for our mates only.

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    talk to formeniel & sato they're putting together a retro raid next week.
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    I have a 52 cappy, I would be interested.



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