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The Firefoot Sprint
Date: Wednesday, February 13 at 9:30pm /servertime on Landroval
Place: In front of the Forsaken Inn, Lone-lands.

* Horse Show
Participants will be judged on the originality and color coordination of their outfit, how well it matches their mount, and how dramatically it is presented. Outfits should have a fire theme. The audience will vote for the winners. The prizes are 5 gold for first place, 3 gold for second place, and 1 gold for third place.

* Horse Race
Race through the Lone-lands on any mount from your stable, including your war steeds. Test your riding skill in the ruins of Minas Eriol, the goblin stronghold of Ost Laden, and the Dourhand shrine at Mithrenost. The prizes are 1,600 Turbine Points for first place, 5 gold for second place, and 3 gold for third place.

Race Route
* Click here or visit to preview the course.

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