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    reaver class traits

    im closing in on R9 and upperhand, and am thinking about buying the trait for it. (mostly as just another wound to stack tbh:P) and was wondering if it was worth it. the trait doesnt seem worth it, but im curious what other reavers think.

    as for extended reach(one i do plan on buying), im not exactly sure what class trait i would drop for it. same with the upperhand trait if i was to get it.

    what do you guys think? what class traits do you guys use atm?

    im currently running:
    enhanced skill: resiliance
    enhanced skill: hamstring
    burning blades
    enhanced skill: glory in victory
    enhanced skill: devastating strike
    enhanced skill: jagged cut
    enhanced skill: blade toss
    Lugbur, R11 Reaver ./. Guthfred, R9 Captain ./. Guthblade, R9 Chamption ./. Muzluck, R9 Warg + Various other toons of different rank and class.

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    I myself don't use either upperhand or ext. Reach traits, but if you were to use either one, i would say ditch the glory in victory, the 10% inc melee means little in the world of tactical pewpew.

    Edit: heres a link to somewhat similar topic.

    Hope this helped!
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