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    about legendary with the store

    Hi everyone,
    First excuse my poor english 'cause I'm french.
    My character is lvl45, premium account. I went to the store to buy my 2nd option for the legendary power and it costs me 146 turbine points. As it was not expensive I decided to buy another to get it for my lvl60 but...nothing in my inventory.
    So I ask you if you know if my 146 turbine points are lost or if my 3rd legendary power will be there when I will be lvl60 ?
    I hope you understand my question.
    Thanks for your answers

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    What do you mean by "2nd option for legendary power"? A new legendary item? If so, I wouldn't spend TP on those, you can find 3rd age legendaries in loot drops in all areas starting from Moria. If you want a 2nd age or 1st age item, you can ask a weaponsmith, woodworker or jeweller to make you one (he'll have to be high ranked in the crafting guild and you might need to spend some gold on special materials for higher lvl items).

    If you're only lvl 45, I wouldn't get any new LI yet. Get used to the system with the item you get from the epic questline, and change your LI every 5 levels or so (note that crafted items can only be made for lvls 50, 55, 60, 65, 75 and 85).
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    Do you mean legendary trait slots? I don't think there will be anything in your inventory, the slot will simply be unlocked. It won't open up though until you reach the required level (I think, never bought any trait slots myself).
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    There will not be anything in your inventory. Now that you purchased the third legendary trait slot, you will be able to use the slot when it opens for your character at level 60.
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