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Thread: Sons of Stone

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    Sons of Stone

    Sons of Stone is a newly formed, all dwarf, Kinship on the Dwarrowdelf server. Whether you are casual or hard core gamer, we do our best to be a dynamic kinship that can offer something to every player. Thorifeld is a dwarf guardian who is father and leader of this dwarven brotherhood and is willing to help any dwarf player in need. Send us a tell to get an invite. Our kinship color is red so make sure you dye your armour and if you need extra dye send Thorifeld a message. You can find us drinking and smoking in the Thorin's hall inn which is our current HQ. Hope to see you online! Baruk Khazad!

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    Greetings fellow dwarves. I would like you all to know that Glovald is our Kinship's successor due to his awesome support and generosity towards fellow kinsman. He makes all of the red dye for our kinship so please send him all of your spare scholar materials. On another note, Boffast can turn your wood and make leathers. We still need dwarves who would like to be cooks for the kinship.
    We now have a Kinship uniform to place on one of your cosmetic slots and it is a Red dwarf chain mail hauberk (our kinship color is still red), you can mail Thorifeld in-game and I will send you one. Our headquarters is still Thorin's hall but we are getting ever closer to being rank 7 and I fully intend to buy us a kinship house.
    I am very pleased at the way our kinship has been growing and I look forward to helping many of you through the trials of middle earth, happy smiting!



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