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    Retribution Kinship

    *Before anyone complains or points out about how kin ursurping works, I am very familiar with it. That is not the point of this thread. The point of this thread is to let the community know this kin should be avoided at all costs as long as Miraveth or any of her alternative characters remain in leadership.*

    Just to begin, I am not a member of said kin. Nor was I ever a member. I am the roommate of a former kin member. The circumstances around this kin upset them greatly though as well as many others. The story deserves to be told.

    The kinship was active, many good and nice people in the kind...much sharing of crafting materials, dropped gear, and reputation items. Most crafting professions were covered in kin to do upgrades, & modifier items, etc. Due to varying play times, it was very hard to find someone not online at any given time. The perfect kin.

    When my roommate joined, the true leader had already gone away for personal reasons, not giving a time frame to return. A successorship was given to another player as per the rules.

    After a short time period, they noticed there was one particular officer with "issues." Booting people with no reason and/or without consulting other officers, stealing of items from members like keys/chests with promises of payment which was never sent, snide remarks when people asked questions, possible selling of items offered free to members, etc. The kind of things that are not normally kosher being done by a regular member let alone by a leadership role.

    These issues were to be taken care of by the successor after claiming their position of power. Now, enter the issue, the successor for what ever reason went AWOL as well. Time elapsed for that event to take place.

    Now, due to convenience of time zone, the least qualified and deserving person, Miraveth, now becomes leader of the kin.

    Below are 2 mails that were sent which I copied to a text document while my roommate went to get food from the kitchen.

    As u may or not notice already,i am the new leader of Retribution,by ''usurpation'' and i feel that its best if i explain what that is to everybody at once:
    *the rules say that after a leader is ''offline'' for 35 days,the sucessor has got 10 days to reclaim the leadership of the kin.,and appoint new sucessor. **In case he dosent or (like in our case) he's ''offline'' too,after those 10 days the position opens to all current officers for ''usurpation''.
    Well,those 45 days have passed and the position was avaliable and i took it.I promise ill try to be a good leader but i ask for u all to remember that i not a lotro veteran yet,much far from it,so i sry if i end up comitting some mustakes alonge the way.
    I would also apoligize to those that wont like this chain of events but the oportunity was there and i took it acording to the rules.

    As time pass and facing the new events in kin,more ppl must b woundering what happened to fudge.

    All i can say about that is that he told me that he was going to be off the game for a ''a week or so'' and that this migth happen(the sucession thing) but 16 days have passed so far and he didnt returned.
    Lets hope that everything's ok with him and that he may return soon.

    Later conversations in officer chat were logged/cut n pasted to text files by my roommate, I will not post those. But further comments by Miraveth after it was stated that there should be a kin vote to appoint a new leader and that she should step down included 1) there is no democracy in a kinship and 2) this is my kin as per the rules.

    I would like to close this post by saying that most of the remaining people in Retribution are good (conversation with my roommate always has stated this)...but their goodness and the kin's reputation has been for now tarnished by the bad apple known as Miraveth.
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    In your case, and I know this would be a hard thing to do, just have everyone leave the kin and leave this Miraveth to their own happiness.

    The best thing to do in that situation, if you can't talk to the person and solve the issues, is just leave the kin. Have all the officers and kinsmen leave the kin and start a temporary new one until the original successor and leader can come back. I have had something similar happen to me in the past and I know it sucks. But the best way to get past that is to just leave and make another kin and be happy there.
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    Wow. I was in this kin for a short time before I rejoined The Crimson Brotherhood. Was good friends with the founder, who was a great guy and was able to build the kin to a good size in a short amount of time. It was the a great kin that, as you said it, was perfect. Shame that's it's taken such a dramatic downward spiral.

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    Quote Originally Posted by guitarguy12410 View Post
    In your case, and I know this would be a hard thing to do, just have everyone leave the kin and leave this Miraveth to their own happiness.
    It is exactly that which we did. I am a former officer of Retribution and I, along with others, decided that the best descision to make was to leave. It was a hard choice, since Retribution was our home and our beloved Kin. Most of us were extremely upset when Mirvareth took over leadership and refused to hand down or even talk about it. We felt betrayed. None of us really knew what overcame us that day, but we decided we couldn't follow a Kin that would be led by such incompetence and dictatorship. As of thus, 90% of the officers left with me and not long a lot of the original members joined our little 'refugee camp' that we set up. Our numbers grew fast and we used that sheer manpower to reforge Retribution from the ashes, dedicated to the true leader of Retribution.
    We formed the Kin "For Agdanor" (in dedication) from that refugee camp and we are still upholding that name with pride. Shortly, Agdanor has actually returned to LOTRO and has joined us in our/his Kin. Most of the old 'true' Retribution people have also joined us and we're growing steadily. We're holding the values that made Retribution so great while also aiming for the somewhat higher goals in the game. So there can be happiness in sadness!

    I hope that adds to your story, Blarkendor. I also think it's one that deserves being told, sad as it is. I thank you for posting this because I likely wouldn't have done so myself.


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    Can you please specify (clearly) which Server this kinship is on since One of my characters runs a Retribution Kinship on Eldar and I wouldn't want bad advertising, thank you kindly

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    Quote Originally Posted by Lovebump View Post
    Can you please specify (clearly) which Server this kinship is on since One of my characters runs a Retribution Kinship on Eldar and I wouldn't want bad advertising, thank you kindly
    It is in the Dwarrowdelf forums. I don't think anyone would bash your kin in a different servers forum
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