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    Looking For Kinship :)

    Hi guys,

    First off cheers for taking the time to read this.

    I recently transferred back to Evernight from Snowbourn and I'm currently looking for a active kinship. I did check the list but with being away from the server for over a year i was a little unsure who has survived and who hasn't.

    I was hoping to find a active kinship who instance in the evening's and raid occasionally, I'm not after anything to hard core as i have two small children and as you can appreciate some times i can't make it on or my play time can be disturbed.

    Character Details.

    Main is Ectheldor (but some might remember me as Arus before my name change) Lvl 85 captain.

    Thanks in advance for any suggestions or help, and once again thanks for taking the time to read this

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    well, if u looking for a serious casual guild; Tears of The Valar would be a good choice .

    We do instances in most evenings - occasional we do a raid: BUT we cant realy raise 12 players at the same time just yet (We raid ToO or rift fewer but higher levelled players for the fun).

    We have enough players but getting 12 online and ready for raid is ...erhem...a challenge with us. There is a little more details in this general ToTV post:


    br /cape

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    Malung / Sweden
    All hello again arus, no wonder i havent seen you around
    EN Makadam || Angdal

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    Hey maybe consider The Ringbearers


    We are a casual kin that raids once or twice a week, but we also do a load of other small group runs, deeds nights and ettens event.

    We also have many mebers with small children so we have alot of people in the sam situation but we accomodate everyone as best as we can.

    Hope you find a good kin to join and Welcome to the Server

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    Jun 2011
    Welcome back bud
    If have 5m spare be free to check http://fellowshipguardians.guildlaunch.com/ and see if is what you looking for!

    See you around Middle-Earth & safe travels!
    Rucagorn, The White Guardian - Portugal



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