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    Alliance of Elvellyn - Elven Realm Focused RP

    Mae govannen and good day Laurelin!

    Alliance of Elvellyn is a newly formed Kin that are looking mainly for Men and Elves (But we also accept other races). We are a Medium RP Kin that are focused in the Elven realms (Ered Luin, Rivendell, Lothlorien), our sole purpose is to help defend the elven settlements from any dangers that may be affecting them.

    We are also quite a sociable Kin and feel that all members shall have an equal voice, Nobody shall feel ignored in the Alliance of Elvellyn. We are mainly focused in GMT Time. As we are a medium Kin we feel that the sole reason for the game is too have fun so we want to make your time with us the most enjoyable!

    If you wish to join us send a tell ingame or leave a post or visit our website

    Leaders - Dagarorn & Telarean
    Recruiters - Meriya

    Website: http://allianceofelvellyn.shivtr.com/

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    Good Luck with the new Kinship. I would recommend that you touch base with the existing elven kinships based out of the places you mentioned perhaps to establish some sort of community feel roleplay. It never hurts to make friends.

    Ered Luin - Laiquendi Order, Loth I Lonnath (both solely Elven Kinships)
    Rivendell - Bar En Vanimar (Kinship of Noldor Elves), and the Warband of Imladris (Kinship of Elves and Men)

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    Thanks I shall look into that.

    We now have a website as well: http://allianceofelvellyn.shivtr.com/

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    Recruitment still open! Also new banner from us!



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